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Ready to roll

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Just finished getting my new smoker ready for it's maiden voyage. I cured it last Saturday, and today I drilled a hole for the meat thermometer, put 2 extra holes in the charcoal pan and got a grate for it. I even made covers for the draft holes in case I get to much air. Smoke gasket for the door arrives tomorrow, and chops are in the freezer waiting. COME ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I agree. Come on Saturday!! Thats' the next day I can fire up.

BTW - Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy our company.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Skeeter, You may as well take a run to the store and grab a few fatties, y’now those plastic 1 lb. tubes of sausage you slice up into patties for breakfast, skin em’ whole, throw some rub on em and toss em into the smoker til they’re 160° and eat the heck out of them on biscuits, dinner rolls or even a piece of bread folded over while you wait for the main course! Everyone will just love em! icon_eek.gificon_rolleyes.gif
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Up In Smoke is right on. Here is what a fatty looks like. Shame you can't taste it, cause it is FINE! This is Jimmy Dean Regular sausage.
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Skeeter -
Sounds like your ready to rock! Hang in there man. You could do something short like a steak or a chicken.
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Fatties eh?

fatties sounds like something I could get into.
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Welcome to the SMF Skeeter, as you have allready seen, great folks here.

Glad you found us!!!smile.gif
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Skeeter if your gonna try fatties throw you some biskets in there too.
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Skeeter, Welcome to the SMF, lots of great folks here ready to help out !!
Pull up a chair & enjoY!!!PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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ya'll think them chubs would be good slathered with that pineapple and jalapeno jellies I may try it should I let them set wrapped over nite so the glaze soaks in some look out Saturday
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