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Pork Sticks

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Has anyone ever made snack sticks out of pork?

I currently make a Ham stick (which is to die for) and a pepperoni stick out of pork but has anyone ever done something like a beef stick out of only pork? or does anyone have any other ideas for stick with only pork?

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i personally havent done any sticks with pork but i beleive the only concern would be the temperatures... they have to be dead on so there is no food poisoning
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I do a ham stick currently and not only does it have a curing agent in it but I also get it up to 165 - 170.
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I'm always a bit nervous about pork.

I got some freezing to do sausages in about a month.
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I guess I am not affraid of pork. I have been working with it for a while and as long as you play it safe you should be fine as frogs hair.
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Well if you do this please snap some pictures
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Ok Hanifen, what's the recipe for a HAM stick??? I would love to try that.
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okay now you said it ... Ya got share! PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif

How do you make ham stick and pig pepperonis?

Please please please???
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bump...looking for that HAM stick recipe!!! icon_cry.gif
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Hmmmm menu this weekend (MAYBE)

Pig candy
Pig Sticks
Pig Pepperoni
Pig Pulled Pork

I think I've got a theme going here!

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Don't forget Pig Cicles ... what time should I be there???
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You telling me you want me to smoke your butt Pigcicles? LOL
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I'd be interested in the recipe for the ham sticks as I am always picking them up at wally world. They are sooo good!
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Am I the only one who's never eatten a ham stick? PDT_Armataz_01_31.gif
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Trust me I wish the ham stick was my own recipe but it is a mix that I buy from a local supply place. I am not fond of using a mix for making my sausage but that is one I can not get away from. It is so good and so popular that I can hardly keep any in my fridge cause everyone is always wanting to buy them.

I get it from a place here in Minneapolis called Mandeville Co Inc. Great butcher supply place.
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Hanifen -

Who's the manufacturer of the mix?
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I don't think they have a website. Here is their info

Mandeville Seasonings and More
2800 Washington Ave. No., Mpls., Mn. 55411. You may contact us at 1-800-328-8490

The stuff is amazing I tell you.
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