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Theresa, you and Bud are welcome to have full run of my GOSM while your here. That way you can be using something you are accustomed to. Let me know and I'll be sure it is set aside for you.

Anyone else is welcome to use my other smokers as well. I will most likely use the BDS and/or WSM at times, but we can work it out however. Might be an opportunity for some of us to use or at least see some other smokers in action. Can't wait.
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Wow, thanks Chad....I was a bit worried about turning out some good ribs on a foriegn smoker but I figured we have about 20+ cooks in this kitchen so I wasn't gonna sweat

I think it's great that there will be all kinds of smokers there. Bud and me are looking to purchase a stick burner, but thought it would be foolish to purchase before meeting you all and asking questions as well as learning things that we will need to know.

This is too cool...really looking foward to it!!!
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Was thinking it might be fun if everyone brought their favorite rib rub…… we could do 1 or 2 racks (depending on how many racks we wind up with) with the different rubs and have a sort of rib tasting & discussion. Any thoughts???
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Theresa, count us in on the ribs. We'll just have to talk after the concrete sets up and decide on what we need to bring. Better go back to wrk. later StevePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great Steve!!! Really won't know how many racks were gonna need till we get a head count, but were getting there!!!!!
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Wow Cajun, that is extremley nice of you to offerPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif .Wish everyone could make it.!!!!smile.gif
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I don't know about accepting money from non-attendees, but I think maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to get 5 or 10 bucks per attendee family for things like paper plates, cups and plastic ware. This would leave everyone open to bring food and cook it the way they want.
I also will be bringing my smoker. Tim is going to use it, and when it is not in use, anyone else is welcome to use it as well. If there are any takers, I'll need to kind of schedule you in.

I would like to see it morph into an annual nationwide smoke off. Where members and non-members could compete, and members that want to attend but not compete could help out with he competition if they like, but not judge.

While we have all these Missouri members together, we should assemble a team to attend some of these comps. It would bring a lot of attention to the forum.
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I'd say a nationwide thing.....not necessarily a competition, but a good ol gathering bbq where everyone can see face to face and bs and have a damn good ol time.......

used to do that with my guitar forum those were the days of bbq and playing guitar's loud on the deck....... biggrin.gif
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I thinking the same way about accepting money from non-attendees, I would feel kinda guilty...why not just put it in the tip jar? That contribute's to making this all possible too. An extremley generous offer though!!!!!

Great Ideas Gunslinger, kinda been waiting for the official announcement.... there working on most of those things I believe, and figure we can take it from there...still have quite a bit of time.
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Boys and Girls... Sorry about the delay in getting the official announcement out. When you work with people outside the forum you have to go at their pace. And let's face it, we all have a little bit of a life away from the forum.. so a some slack is in order. I promise we will get the info out as soon as we can.

We have locked in the location, we are working with the vendor on shirts and caps, and I'm trying to work out the meal schedules which I will post the open slots if there is anyone who wants them.. Possibly Monday evening.

Gunny, there was a group who wanted to go to Sedalia to the BBQ festival there.. So that can be a test run to see how it goes

Tonto.. I agree with you two that we probably shouldn't accept the offerings from those not attending. If anyone would like to give money for the cause please use the tip jar. There are other ideas in the works for events and activities that everyone can be involved in ... this money can also help sponsor those events.. and I encourage everyone to keep putting money in the tip jar, if possible, to help support this great site!

Again I apologize for the delays and we are working as fast as we can to get everything together. This is going to be a great weekend event.. Hope to see all of you there.

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PigCicles, sure didn't mean to sound impatient, I think you, ultramag and cheech are doing a wonderfull job.... and I thank you all for your hard work!!
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I didn't mean that to sound that way.. Just trying to post some info. But I think we are all impatient to a step or two.. Just want everyone to know that we aren't sitting idle to the end. It's all good.

Keep Smokin
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