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Amazing what tidbits we find we have in common. No wonder this is such a great family!!
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I will visit the roll call section and post pic for you guys.

I got PADI certified in Cuba, when I was there for the Hatian Refugee effort, then came back to the States and continued thru NAUI. I am a NAUI Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Nitrox instructor, Gas Blending Technician (Nitrox & Tri Mix), and certified tank inspector. I specialized in extended range deep diving (200+ feet) on wrecks also known as technical diving.

I, too, have also had the wonderful opportunity to dive the Persin Gulf & the Red Sea while in Saudi - however I was not living there (unless you count in a tent, in the desert for 13 months), was there for the first Gulf war (Desert Shield, Desert Storm). We had a R&R a few times and I got to do some diving!
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Hhmmm - Cuba for the Haitian refugees, desert shield/storm...USMC??? Maybe 1st Mar Div during 90 - 91???
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Nope, Army Dogg here - 10 years. But did work with the 1st Marine Div during my time in Cuba. Was on a world wide security force in the 519th Military Police Battalion. Was in Panama Just 'Cause 89-90, Cuba Hatian Refugee Effort 90-91, DS/DS 91-92 and a few other places I'm still not allowed to mention.

P.S. Shellbellc - was your Avatar picture taken at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD???
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ARMY training SIR! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif I was in Uncle Sam's Misguided Children 87 - 91. Some of our guys were in Panama for Operation Just Cause. I was over in DS/DS 90 - 91 and I knew some guys who went down to Cuba to turn Haitians away. I heard it was bad down there.

Yes, it is inner harbor, we run a Notre Dame club and last year we went down to Baltimore to see them play Navy. Great time!! I only live like 2 - 2 1/2 hours from Inner Harbor and that was the first I was ever there.icon_rolleyes.gif
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Don't call me SIR - I worked for a living! (enlisted NCO)! {this is said with a whole lot of sarcasim}
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I was actually trying to reference the Bill Murray thing in Stripes! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
Understand the whole working for a living!
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I guess this is one club I can't join ...


I almost flunked out of bootcamp because I couldn't make the required swimming time - just barely made the time on the very last day because they let me swim it underwater!

Ya have to be able to swim in the Navy - I don't know why?

Pigcicles you can add that to the list of things I can't do very well!
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I lived in Saudi during Desert Shield/Storm and was in Saudi when Saddam initially invaded Kuwait. That was a crazy few days!!

I remember Christmas of 91, we spent Christmas Eve out at the 82nd Airborne camp. They had a big show and all seemed to get into the festive spirit. Then Christmas morning, they asked the 82nd troopers for "Volunteers for a special holiday detail". The 100ish folks that volunteered were loaded on to buses and moved to the American compound my family lived on where they were split between 12 American families. My family hosted 8 soldiers that Christmas morning. I took the guys out to our Rec center and showed them some girls in swimsuits. We shot some pool and had a few cocktails with homemade moonshine (aka sideeki). We fed everyone traditional Christmas dinner and made sure they all had a chance to use our phone to call back and talk with their families in the US. The girls all got to take a hot bubble bath and soak for a couple hours. They also got to have a cocktail or two when they were done and ready to relax.

After Christmas, we loaded up in my moms Jaguar and went looking for some marines from Louisiana. We fried chicken strips and baked cookies all night long the night before and then we loaded up the trunk with 4 big coolers. Each cooler had 2-25kilo bags of ice. In the space around the coolers we had soft-drinks packed. We headed out early to the area the Louisiana boys were supposed to be stationed. We would drive along until we saw soldiers in the distance and cut off the road to go check. We paid well for directions passing out bags of fried chicken, cookies, and ice. 3 or 4 direction stops later we finally got to the camp we wanted and hooked up with the Marines we were looking for. We gave them a massive feast and plenty of fried chicken to last them a week! We also left them 2 of the coolers full of ice and a bunch of soft-drinks. We took pictures with all of them and got addresses in the states for their families. We sent photos to all of their families in the US once we had them developed and even had some of them in the local paper.

That holiday holds special memories for me. Thank each of you for your service.
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Zardnok -
That was so nice of you and your family!

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Your family did a wonderful thing, for all of us over there - you just can't imagine how much a simple hot meal, hot shower, and the use of a washing machine can mean to someone living in the sand 24/7 for months on end.

I was one of the lucky ones that also got hosted by a family on an ARAMCO oil compound for an evening of normalcy - I will never forget how much that meant to me after being out in the desert for so long.
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Zardnok, they will never forget your hospitality. I was in the Marines with a Patrick Mayeaux...we called him Mayeaux from the bayou. I spent Christmas at the Port of Jubail and between then and New Years we headed up to al Khanjar. I don't even know how they name those places over there, it was just sand! From there we wound up at Kibrit. Certainly memories made. I remember getting back down out of the desert and we were put at "Camp 5". Some fenced in place normally used for immigrant workers. Didn't care, they had hot showers you could control the temp, flush toilets with doors, and a baskin robbins!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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The Port of Jubail had to be the worst! We spent a week there getting acclimated to the temperatures.
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Which ARAMCO compound did you visit? We lived in Ras Tanura during Desert Shield/Storm, but when we first moved over in '81, we lived in Al Khobar and then Dhahran, before moving to RT in the mid 80s.

I staged most of my dives in the Gulf out of Jubail. Those old wooden dhows are short on creature comforts, but they get you out to the reefs and back. Not to mention they catch fish along the way and fry it up for you on the boat for lunch. Gotta love fried Hamur that was swimming an hour earlier.
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I honestly couldn't tell you which one we visited. All I know is, we drove for an hour or so and ended up on a compound with families welcoming us in, for dinner, homemade alcohol, the use of their shower & there washing machines!
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Well I got right in between the draft and selective service, so I never served, but living out in the ocean on the world's 2nd largest reef I'd be an idiot not to dive. Looking fwd to the Vandenburg site......have a hookah rig that lets the DW and I dive nekkid to 1 atmosphere. Nothing finer! Now that's skin diving.
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Well you know how we love pics....icon_eek.gif Sorry couldn't help myself PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif ....lol
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LOL ... tonto.. stop that! and put away your tongue... good grief Bud is looking
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LOL a regular cornucopia of pictures
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