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basic composting

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Where we used to live before we moved here, we had a sizable garden, 80x80. We grew just about everything.

When we prepped any veggies for cooking, we had a gallon ice cream bucket on the counter and would toss all of the "scraps" from the veggies in there. Then when done, I would carry them down back and just dump them on the ground in a small pile. In the fall, I would take all of the leaves and dump them there as well. After a year, the pile grew rather sizable, and I was able to start hauling it to the garden. Each year, it got provided a lot of compost for the garden. I got so that I would just spread the compost in the area where I was going to plant, and then rototil it in.

Take your yard clippings as well. Just make sure there are no weeds in the area when you do it. Remember, weeds germinate and spread rapidly.

I would take newspaper and lay them on the ground between the rows, and cover it with the grass clippings. The grass help the paper from blowing around, which helped block weeds. Then in the fall, just turn it all into the ground.

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Make sure your that the veggie scraps don't have any seeds. Otherwise you'll have volunteers or rogues popping up everywhere. Contrary to popular belief, seeds harvested from last years hybrid veggies will NOT produce great veggies, and they will get worse in subsequent years. And they'll also choke your good plants to death. Some will not produce a veggie or fruit at all.
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That's true - stay away from hybrids and you'll have plenty of seeds from year to year.

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What i did last fall was build a box 8'x8'x16" in the chicken pen. Then throwed grass,leaves & still put scraps in it. The chickens eat some of the stuff but scatch (mix) & poop in it. Hope this makes a good no work compost for this coming season.
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Just remember, chicken manure is strong, and a little goes a long way. Too much will "burn" the plants and they can die.

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I am planning to spread this over the garden & tilling in, not just layering around each plant.
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