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Mixin Spices

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Over the years, being a graphic artist, I’ve developed a tech of arthritis in my right hand (no biggie), but when I’m mixing spices in my coarse ground sausage meat the cold damn near kills me! I wonder if using my wife’s heavy duty KitchenAid mixer with that big paddle would be able to do a righteous job. I only mix 8-10 lbs. at any given time anyways. Anybody tried this?icon_rolleyes.gif
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I have not done it before my thought would be that you would want to do this rather slow as not to generate heat and start cooking the meat
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Probably set it at bread speed
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Up in Smoke -

I haven't tried it yet alhough I thought about it at 4am this morning. I wouldn't use the mixing blade though go with the dough hook!


IMHO the mixing blade would put to must stress on the mixer. The dough hook is made to compensate for heavier workloads.
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Good Point Debi!
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Kitchen Aid

Don't want you to end up in the doggie den - I noticed you said "my wife’s heavy duty KitchenAid mixer!"
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Yeah, when I get done with this sausage, I’m gonna mix me up some portland cement with the whisk attachment for my new patio, too!icon_redface.gif
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Plus 1 Deb
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I've been looking at buying one of those meat mixers. I think you can get a cheap one for around $100 - 150. Sure it is a unitasker but I have to admit I hate mixing the spices into the freezing meat.

Anyone have a mixer like I am talking about? How do you like it?
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Cold Meat

I use a pair of those plastic Doctor gloves under a pair of plastic kitchen gloves and it helps. Other wise my hands just ache for hours after.
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i use the latex gloves also, 50 pair for $3.50.

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opppps,at home depot.

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Great Idea, but how are ya supposed to scratch your butt with all that rubber on your hands? icon_redface.gif
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Howdy, there folks. New guy here. I was just looking for a good topic to
join in on. I have the same mixer and attachment. I make alot of jerky mainly slab but some smoked ground jerky also. I had the same idea that
Up in Smoke did. Tried it. Worked great. No more cold hands. Plus it's a great time saver.
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yea I think I'll be using my dough hook on my kitchenaid for now on......didn't think of that before....
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It works well.

We shoulda thunked o da!

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I use one of the mixers that Bass Pro and Cabelas carry. There about a $100.00 plus the usual taxes
It holds about 8-10 lbs and you crank it by hand.
Rectangular sssstainless steel bin ( sorry musta sssstuddered there) Easy to clean and take apart.
It does save the hands from gettin cold but it can get you a sore shouldericon_biggrin.gif
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icon_mrgreen.gif I've looked at those....drooled a bit....but have not gotten momma to buy into it yet.......amazingly enough she was the one who said I had to buy that turkey fryer the other night....hummmmmmmmm
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Thanks Gremlin I think I will have to look into those. I make a lot of sausage and sticks and usually in 25 lbs batches so having something like that to do the mixing would be great.
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