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Hanging sausage

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I haven't done sausage or jerky yet, but why does everyone hang them instead of laying them down?
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Shelly, you can get more meat in the smoker by hanging the meat vertically from the racks. If you had a strip of jerky 5 inches long laying on a rack, you could hang 4-5 strips of jerky (depending on spacing) in the same space.
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hanging /laying sausage

that makes appearance of sausage without grill marks.

most pro's do it that way...
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Hanging Sausage

Guess I can't be a pro I have lines ...

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hello hello d j ,
i hope i didnt make you think that you are not an expert..
the pics of your brats -would prove other wise.

when i said pros--i meant commericial packaged sausage.

i am getting a couple of recipes almost to what i want them to taste like..

slowly , a few people are wanting my sausages...

instead of hanging them.
i lay sausages on my wire grill racks in timex..

i am looking at and maybe doing a mod to my smoker timex..

between the 2 "stock"grills..
there is 8 inches room...
i want to/might do a additional rack between the 2---
leaving 4 inches between each level...icon_lol.gif
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Doesn't hanging the meat get better circulation of the air and smoke too?
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hello hello cheech,
articles i have read on smoking SAUSAGES...
do not let sausage touch each other..

i believe this is for 100% air and smoke circulation....

i think that laying the sausages on grills --
not touching each other--
has the same effect...--at least 98% of it

its seems to work on the stuff i do..rolleyes.gif
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Larry -

I was just teasing. I am definately no expert! I experiment every time I make something and love it. I'm to much of a rebel to follow a recipe exactly - it just isn't in me! I figure a recipe is the guide not rule.

The hanging sausage thing is what has kept me fromcomitting to buying a new smoker for the last month or so ... verical for hanging sausages or horizontal for everything else. I think I'm going horizontal just for ease of use.

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Thanks, I assumed that it was just a space thing, but you know what they say about assuming!!
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