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Going To My First Comp - Page 2

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hey marvin, i just saw this thread (i don't read this section much). hope you are getting better; and good luck at the comp.
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Well the time has come to go get broken in right. We are heading out around noon today. Its supposed to start raining about midnight tonight but thats not gonna stop us. We will be entering brisket.chicken,ribs, and beans. This event is sponsored by the ICBA and will be held at the Elks Lodge in Irving Tx. I will take a lot of pics and hopefully will gain some valuable knowledge to pass along.
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Marv, are ya takin the General? Or are you just going to use your buddies rig…whatever ya do, take along a mushroom (Have Fungi!)icon_lol.gif
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Carl were gonna take his rig, He has a smoker similar to the general and a smaller one. Since we have rain coming in were taking the smaller smoker, he has a canopy that we can get it under and stay dry. I would like to take the general but am saving him for future cooks when I go by myself.
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Hope you have a great time, I am sure you will. Get the feet wet, dry them off, and want to go again. I sure did.....I can't wait until April.....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif:P DT_Armataz_01_37:

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I was wondering ... when you do these competitions you have to pay to get in, then buy all the food and cook it and then you give it to the judges. Do you get yo keep some food to? I don't think I could smell all that food smoking all day and not eat any of it.

hmmmm I got it! You bring the general up here and I'll give you a big fancy ribbon if you cook for me ... what do you think? gayrunteed winner!

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