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Heres one of the hams I cured and smoked.One is right out of the freezer and the other is after it was cooked.It was wonderful.
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Looks awesome:p
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Looking good as usual.
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man does that look good!!! What kind of a glaze is that on the cooked one?
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Congratulations. Looks delicious!
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That looks very good.
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;) That is a great looking ham.;)
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Dac, as usual-an outstanding job with that ham!!
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Dacdots, do you have to cure the ham? Can you just put a rub on it and smoke it? I have a fresh ham rst, want to just rub & smoke it. Will this be a problem?

Thanks for the help.

I'd love to smoke a ham that looks as good as yours. Fantastic job!
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BigAl,a ham is not a ham until its cured.If you rubbed one down and smoked it Id say it be pretty tasty but the inside of the meat wouldnt have any taste like a ham.What you would have is a big pork roast seasoned on the outside.Now is you injected it with something you could get some flavor inside.
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Shellbellc,There is no glaze on the ham.We always cook them in a roasting bag to help keep in the moisture.With this type of home cured ham you really dont need a glaze unless you just want a different flavor.Myself I like the taste of the ham just as it is.
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Mmmm pig meat.. Good lookin ham there dacdots. Thanks for sharing with us.

Keep Smokin
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Thanks for the help Dacdots. I'm gonna let it go as is. Next time I'll have to try cure'n it first.
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Smoked Hams

IMHO ...

we need to have a gathering ...

... down in West Virgina ...

somewhere close to Dacdots ...

... so we can see ...

if this stuff really taste as good as it looks!

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