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bellies or butts

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OK, I'm not a butcher, is the bacon you get in the store, like Oscar Meyer, is that pork belly or butt? And when we say pork belly, is it actually stomach meat? My mom said she grew up eating suffed pig stomach and the like and I thoguht that always sounded gross, but if all the bacon I've eaten has been pig stomach, well then pass me the hamburger and rice! If I'm way of kilter here, please don't laugh :lol:

I'm thinking it might be easier to get some think cut bacon and just put some extra smoke on it in the smoker.
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Re: bellies or butts

The commercial stuff is pork belly. Check out this post by Joe, I believe he mentions somewhere in there about his wife and daughter getting freaked out about seeing a pig nipple :lol:


The only bacon I know of that is made from Butt is Buckboard bacon that you order the seasoning for from Hi Mountain seasonings.
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Re: bellies or butts

Pork bellies or side meat which is your bacon comes from the outside of the ribs and the area past the ribs back toward the hams.Rest easy knowing your not eating guts.
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Re: bellies or butts

Shellbellc -

Don't confuse the pork belly meat with a stomach or stomach lining. It's more like that slab of meat hanging over you belt ... no what I mean?
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Had me going there for a minute, don't know why I should've been scared though, I eat scrapple and the like. The only thing they say is missing from scrapple is the oink!!
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