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Cheech, we would often butcher old breding sows that where no longer productive. Most of these were destined to be ground in to sausage but evey once in a while, the farmer would have us process it in the normal way, chops, roast, hams and bacons. Average slaughtered weight on these ol breding sows were 350+ pounds. The meat (IMOO) is a bit tougher but still edible. And the size of those hams!! A tyical ham slice would hide a good sized dinner plate.
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Cheech, there is nothing wrong with the old sow.She maybe a bit stringy but the meat is fine. I did a crancy sow before Christmas. She was only about 2 years though and went the 140 kgs - 350 lbs I think. As mentioned there is a lot of fat about too. Most of her went into the smoker and as Dutch said marvelous hams. I stole some spare ribs off her and they were great. You will have so much pork that you can do the lot,pickled, smoked, minced (ground) and the odd small cut as well. Good luck with it. The price sounds like what we call "mates rates". Make room in the freezer mate.
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I am working on cleaning out the freezer now. But I just found some great rates on some shoulders and ribs so it may be a bit yet. Thanks for the advise
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Stringy = pulled pork
mouth watering hams
big bacon ....

drool ....................
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Re: Pigs

Dr good, did you say pickled? Just a curious southern girl from North Carolina. I haven't seen any pork pickled except pigs feet :shock: . Daun
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Oh yes NC lass, pickled pork here in Oz is pretty well known all over. Usually a "hand" of pickled pork is a small picnic shoulder,probably shortened and brined and pumped. Stays in the pickle for week or two, then removed, soaked, rinsed and slowly cooked in water. Some,like me, add a little brown vinegar and some brown sugar much like a piece of corned silverside or a corned rolled/flat brisket.

It is very nice served hot with a white onion/parsley sauce but will sexually arouse a jelly fish when eaten as a cold cut.

We in the bush do pickle pigs feet, "trotters" we call them, and are usually eaten cold with plenty of beer when the blokes sit down to tell a few fibs (exagerated stories) to each other.Yarn time.

Your dog looks a nice friendly bloke.

Hope this helps
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Re: Pigs

Doc, did you ever get to try the Buckboard Bacon Cure?
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Re: Pigs

The $125-$150 price for a dressed pig..Is that wrapped and frozen or do you have to do the cutting, wrapping and labeling yourself?

Hmm..this got me thinking. I have a small chest size freezer that I have some Thanksgiving cheapo turkeys in I now need to smoke to make room for some pork products.. :D
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