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Texas Pig Rub

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I know this is a shot in the dark, but Im gonna take it. Has anyone here ever tryed John Henry's Texas pig rub? My wife and I fell in love with this rub about a year ago, and have had to buy it off the internet for the last 8 months,because our local bbq store went out of bussiness. My question is, Does anyone know how to make a rub that taste pretty close to that. We love it, but its getting expensive to buy. The shipping charges are killing me. :( Ive tryed to copy it , but have had no luck.
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Sorry I have looked but can not find it anywhere
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Hey Dave,I know this is an old post, but is this the stuff your looking for?

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Try a cup of brown sugar mixed with 2 tablespoons of lawrey's seasoning salt, and a tablespoon of black pepper. It come close (my opinion). I stopped making my own rub when I found John Henry's brisket rub. Figured I could not do any better. I love the stuff.
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