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Vegetarians Are Evil! :-)

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I was looking for this site, and got to, which is a PETA site. UGH!!!

I found another cool site that I was able to send to my vegan sister-in-law who was telling me, "Meat is Murder" and all of that... so in her honor, I'm spreading the word (hehehe):

I've really come here to learn more about smoking meats. It's popular in my part of the world. My grandfather used to do it back in the old country, but unfortunately it's a lost art in my family - like winemaking. Sigh!
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And here I thought that PETA meant "People Eating Tasty Animals" !! Another one I like is "We didn't fight and claw our way to the top of the food chain just to eat vegetables!!..

So anyhoo!! Welcome to SMF, Barbecue! If you're wanting to learn, you've come to the right place. Take a moment and sign up for Tulsa Jeffs's 5-day eCourse. Lots of good information to build a base from. Read thru the forums and see what ? other have asked and see what others have done. Feel free to ask questions that you have about smoking foods or about the equipment needed- we'll be glad to help you on your way!

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Thanks Dutch, actually, after having also dated a vegetarian who used to tell me how much more ethical, kinder and gentler vegetarians are, I was pleased to later find out that Hitler, Pol Pot, Manson and a bunch of other murderous scoundrels were in fact vegetarians! So I've kept some mental notes about famous quotes regarding people who go the unnatural route of eating only vegetables.

Hemingway had a famous quote - albeit a long one that's on the Vegetarians are evil site somewhere about how cruel animal rights people are to humans.

Anyway, thanks for the invite. I need to find out more about smoking in a confined area, since I live in a city (I do have a yard) and neighbors abound.
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I figure if the bible says God put fruits and veggies and fish and critters for us to eat who are we to argue?

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Re: Vegetarians Are Evil! :-)

Save a cow eat a vegeterian.
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Re: Vegetarians Are Evil! :-)

Welcome to SMF. Where are you from?
Vegetarians are very confused. I have pointed k-9's for tearing meat.
Vegetables are what my food eats.
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Welcome to SMF Barbecue!!!
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Re: Vegetarians Are Evil! :-)

Welcome to SMF. Two things that I've learned never to trust 1) Anything that bleeds for a week and doesn't die! (just kidding ladies) and 2) Anything that doesn't eat meat (and there are some things that do eat meat that I don't trust either). In all seriousness, you've come to the right place for anything relating to our obsession. There's a great group of folks here.
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Welcome to the SMF glad to have you here
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Re: Vegetarians Are Evil! :-)

I'm originally from the USA, but now live in Central Europe. Here in Poland, you can get any kind of food you want, as long as it's made of meat! :-)

Smoking is huge here, but not a lot of people do it because they live in apartments (I live in the city).

Recently, I've bought a house here, and so can now begin to think of such things... but I'm not sure if smoking is going to work with the neighbors in close proximity... any tips?
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Welcome... Glad you joined the forum....neighbors??? don't worry about them....once they figure out what's going on...and get a little taste of how good the food is...well...then that might be a might not be able to keep them away....good way to meet the neighborhood and make friends....
Good Luck and enjoy..
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Re: Vegetarians Are Evil! :-)

Purchase a charcoal, propane or electric smoker. Use wood chips and you won't have a ton of smoke. A lot of people use electric smokers on the patios of their apartments because they don't (or shouldn't) bellow out tons of smoke. If it were me, I'd get a big wood smoker (oh wait, I have a big wood smoker) and just make the whole neighborhood smell of smoked meat. But then some say I'm a bit of a hillbilly.
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Re: Vegetarians Are Evil! :-)

Something just occurred to me. What if the vegetarian smokes his veggies? Do we still hate him?
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Yeah but not as much
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If I had to stop eating meat, I would starve. End of story!
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Now thats priceless. :D
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I think that's hilarious. Glad to see others share my meatatarian sense of humor. Cheers!
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Ahhhhhhhhh Shucks!

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