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Vulcan you really did get some nice shots there.

Thanks for the pictures
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Thanks..sorry I took so long getting back to you...Just getting back to work this week....and just now trying to catch up on all the posts as well as getting used to this new forum...here are some more pics I got this week...enjoy

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Beautiful shots Richard:) . Are those from a game cam, or are you shooting them yourself? Beautiful little deer either way.cool.gif Makes me embarressed about the one in my freezer.......not.:mrgreen:
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Rodger Hi.. Thanks

I am shooting them myself....that is right out my back door....they were on their way up into the yard...but a neighbors dog came running thru...the first set of pics were in the backyard as well...
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Next time aim fo rthe neighbors dog PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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a few more pics

Just a couple pics , one I use for my av, 17 points 279 2/8 Boone & Crockett, the secone is just a doe but taken with a 44 mag handgun at 65 yards 1 shot, makes it a trophy for me :)
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Well , if you can't do any better than that, I guess a 17 point will have to do Ghosticon_eek.gif , and at least that doe ain't sticking her tongue out at Cheech, He's getting kinda paranoid I thinkicon_razz.gif
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Found another from salmon fishing 1st place and big fish from a club tourny
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Here are the results of a management hunt.
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Goat,we stopped in Uvalde a little over a year ago and we left abot dark headed to Eagle Pass and the road we took out of town had loads of deer.I was impressed.Edit ,how do the feral hogs cook out?Just in case we end up heade t mexico again?
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"Captured" with a camara last fall in my backyard:

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The hogs cook up real nice. In the fall and early winter they are fat from acorns and corn from deer feeders. I have roasted smaller ones and take the loin and hams from the big ones. The loin cut into 1" chops and grilled are as good as any store bought pork chops. I also use the loins and hams in sausage, but usually I have to add some fat.
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Hunting for Fish

Not by myself, but here's a nice catch a couple spearfishermen brought in off Diamond Head beach (way beyond and out of the restricted DH Lighthouse-to-Natatorium zone) this past Easter Sunday...

Menpachi (the smaller red fish), Red Uhu, Kala (the big one with the speared tail hidden behind) & Po'opa'a

Different angle, so you can see the Kala...

Red Uhu, Kala (the one with the horn on the head), Po'opa'a and Menpachi (behind)

The Menpachi is excellent simply pan-fried with salt and pepper, or you can roll the whole thing in flour and deep fry it whole. The red Uhu can be cut into fillet and cooked with Soy Sauce, Ginger and Garlic or thown on the Hibachi (charcoal grill). The Kala is best thrown right on the grill (don't gut it or it will stink the whole fish up). The Po'opa'a is often used in soups. My favorite is the Menpachi.

He said a small tiger shark took his first group of fish, probably because one the fish was still alive and spazzing, attracting the shark.

Guess we know what these fisherman were having for Easter dinner!
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Nice pictures folks!
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Wow Pomai there are some fish that I have never even hear of let alone seen before.

Thanks for the picture
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This is from last year at our cabin in Scio NY.
1st day of Bear season

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I gotta get my photos organized!
The first couple are out of Savanana, Snapper and Grouper fishing. The guy bent over backwards is me hauling an Amberjack. Catch a couple like that and I need a nap!
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here are some of last years catch off the washington coast

the first pic is some rockfish and salmon the second pic is from left to right tyler bill and my son cody these are halibut and sablefish or black cod the third pic is my son cody with his 36 pound king salmon

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Holy Mackeral! That's some big fishes!
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And as always....

You should have seen the one that got away!icon_wink.gif
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