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Wine oak barrels

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Our local hardware stores have been sold out of oak wood, so in my travels this week I stopped by a winery to pick up a half-barrel for $21. I had read a recipe where someone used wine oak barrel wood for smoking brisket and thought it sounded like a good idea. It wasn't a fresh barrel, though, and had been sitting outside, open end down, for I don't know how long. Long enough for the oak color to fade from tan to a weathered gray. Did I waste money, or will the smoke still be good quality?

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Not sure if you were or not, I qould guess it depends on what you relate it to. For an example I have a cherry tree that I cut and if you tried to sell me cherry wood for $21 I would tell you to go fly a kite but if you have a 3lb bag of hickory and charge $3 for that I would and have paid that.

So I guess it is worth what it is worth?!?
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Its fine and 20 bucks won't kill ya.

Do you know what kind of wine it held?

When you soak the chips use wine instead of water for a more distinct oakey-wine flavor.
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