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hello to all the guru's

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Anybody got a Brinkman vertical Charcoal/Wood Smoker? Or anybody got some advise for more heat? here's the deal... I know more air is supposed to increasse the heat, but that dont seem to be working either. Ive used Kingsford Charcoal to get things started, and use Mesquite wood Chips to keep the fire going. i try to regulate the air intake but I struggle to get my temp to reach 200. ive been attempting brisket and beef ribs with sub par results. it takes me like 8-10 hours to get em close to done and their still a little red on the inside. ive also tried putting a thermometer inside but it reads the same as the one on the outside of the door.

Do I need to know some special secret techniques to stating a real good fire or something? Is Mesquite wood burn weak? or do i just need to throw some lighter fluid on the whole damn thing and go buy a better one, i just dont know.
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ba/lk, welcome to SMF. Your have come to the right place to learn the art of smoking meats. Since you are using an ECB, try the Minion Method for starting your briquettes. Enter "Minion Method" in the search box on the side of the page. Also, check out the Charcoal Smoker forum in the Smoking Supplies and Equipment section. There are modifications that you can make to your Brinkmann that will product better reseults than what your getting know.
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If you get a moment like say some Friday night feel free to hop onto the chat room and we can discuss some options with you while we are all online.

Maybe even have your smoker running while online many of us do
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Re: hello to all the guru's

Welcome to SMF.
I don't think adding those chips to the coals is going to keep up the heat. Wood has to burn all the impurities out before it become a good source of fuel. That's why charcoal is such a good source of heat, because the impurities have already been burned out for you. In that type of smoker, chips, saw dust, and chunks are mainly for flavor. You need to add charcoal or pre burned wood that is glowing red to it.
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