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Re: Big Drum Smoker (Clone)

They are unlined, but you're gonna have to ask nicer.
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Re: Big Drum Smoker (Clone)

Is it killin' ya yet?
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Re: Big Drum Smoker (Clone)

All right, all right already. Stop beggin'. Since ya asked so nice, they're at a feed store called Gordons. It's between Rogersville and Springfield on 60 hwy.
If you ask really nice, I may even bring them up to ya.
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Re: Big Drum Smoker (Clone)

I just bought a BDS~Jumbo...Yeah, I could have probable made one ...I then would go through all the trials and errors of making one...then hunting around for all the parts......I decide that Rocky at BDS has really fine tuned his smokers, his drums are heavy duty and he has done all the work for me. I got some Christmas Cash and decided to bite the bullet and ordered one.....I have no regrets.... :!:
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I wish more of you guys that had them would speak up and were around. That is the way I think I'm headed rokyknives. Lot's of research done by Rocky, and I sure can't figure out how to get that Jumbo capacity, and that's a big part of what I need.

Neat avatar, as usual for me if I get it, I can only be number 2 in MO. :(
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Thanks....:) I was playing around in photoshop
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My Apologies to BDS and the SMF Family

I have gone through this thread and deleted all my submissions to it. The thread was brought to the attention of the owner of BDS Smokers somehow or another and I was called on the carpet and banned from his forum. :oops: While I feel under the circumstances it was deserved, hopefully it is just temporarily. wink.gif All I can do is apologize, and hope it is seen as a heartfelt apology and right my wrongs the best I can. Rocky, I'm sorry for what I've done, particularly the way I did it. This is the best way I can think of to make it right.

I feel a man has the right to research, discuss, attempt to build anything he likes, and even more so to be sure he is getting a good product for his money, but I made several errors in my doing so. All I was intending to do was research my options on the drum type smoker. In doing so I wound up joining the BDS forums and learning it ain't just a barrel. wink.gif I believe I found the BDS forums after this thread was started but really can't remember. I know I had been to the main site, saw the cookers, and should have known better about it being basically a brand name. Up until that night I had saw this type of cooker referred to as BDS, UDS, EDS, and several other acronyms by copycat builders. I had been to the BDS site and looked at the cookers and not noticed the forums I think. Anywho, this is where I feel my biggest mistake was. Actually using the BDS name was wrong in a post trying to copy the cooker. I had read Big Drum Smoker so many places I guess it didn't sink in that it was a company name. I was just doing my thing and not thinking about it I guess. When I went there at first it obviously was my intent to gather ideas and build my own. Not gonna lie, couldn't really even if I wanted. I joined and participated in the forums later on when I found them. I spent one night reading all the useful posts (all, back to the begginning of the forum all) pertaining to the product and at that point I was 95% done imitating and ready to buy. It was never my intent to use his forum to build mine. Hell, it's not like he was gonna give me a blueprint pdf. file if asked.

That is enough for here and now. I had came and re-read this whole thread before I went to bed and couldn't get to sleep because I really feel I was in the wrong the way the post was originated, as well as partially for it's intent. In my short stay, about a week I think :oops: , I learned two things for sure on the BDS forum. The man that builds these is a passionate believer in what he does, and you most likely can't do it as well as he does. I hope I am allowed back there and look forward to taking delivery of my very own Jumbo BDS! 8)

TulsaJeff and Moderators, I apologize to you all as well for bringing this in your house. Just a stupid oversight more or less. Hopefully you allow 1 or 2 bonehead moves a year without a lashing or anything. I am including a link to BDS at the bottom of this as it was deleted from my original posts. This way everyone will know what I'm talking about and give some exposure to a good American business. We sure need more of those. I can't think of a conflict of interest Jeff since nothing you sell is similiar. Please delete if I'm wrong, but I can't take another banning. wink.gif

Big Drum Smokers
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Re: Drum Smoker

Dude, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, that is what the internet is for, to find information on whatever it is you need. I think that dude is being a jerk, many people on this forum have or want to build their own smokers just my opinion :D

Have a good one

Smokey Steve
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I think the internet is an awesome place to find infomation...and I believe anyone should be able to build whatever they want....but I also think that a person has the right to ban someone from HIS forum to protect his business...the way he makes his living..just my .02 cents
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Re: Drum Smoker

I agree with that too :D
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Re: Drum Smoker

The thread was brought to the attention of the owner of BDS Smokers somehow or another and I was called on the carpet and banned from his forum.

I would be curious what his reasons were for banning you. Having read through this thread, even before you deleted your posts, I found nothing but questions about the design of the drum smoker. There was nothing derogetory about them, just some skeptisism. If that's enough to get you banned, then I don't see a reason to want to be on his forum. Seems to me, if he can't answer a few questions about his designs (not asking him to provide schematics or anything) he needs a better product. Just my .02 as well.

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I don't know the reason he was banned his forum...but Rocky is a stand up guy..if you have been to his site you would know that he does answer questions...I am not trying to start a fight here..I just don't know why you would attack his product...every post I ever read about the BDS is positive...that's why I bought one.
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Re: Drum Smoker

I'm not trying to start a fight either. That didn't quite come out right. I have been to his site, and even read some of your posts on that site (his packing is top notch). But not having ever seen one of his cookers, and not getting much info from his site on the design, I'm as skeptical as the next guy. Since you have one, I understand you coming to his defense (try to knock Vermont Castings stuff), but again, to me and some of the others, this just looks like a 55 gallon drum (albeit an expensive one) with a thermometer stuck in it somewhere. And to ban someone for asking questions in a public forum just seems a bit over the top.

and as for every post I ever read about the BDS is positive...that's why I bought one., if he bans people that aren't positive......
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Re: Drum Smoker

I'd like to weigh in here.
This may be the most ridiculous thing I've seen on the net. Granted, the owner of a discussion forum can ban a guy from that forum, but as long as that guy isn't trying to replicate the smoker for resale, then there isn't anything he can do about it. I see NOTHING innovative about that smoker. I'd say for the money though, it better be a great quality barrel, and I'm sure it is. I would bet he couldn't even secure a patent on the design.
I find that people usually get scared when others are looking into design, because the truth will come out about how the materials to build don't cost but a couple bucks. And that's fine. That's what free enterprise and capitalism is all about. But they fear it will bring about competition. And that's wrong. No one can disagree that competition is a good thing.
Chad, I say build it. Maybe it won't be as good as the original, but that's part of the fun and adventure of home-built projects.
If you're handy with a wire feed welder, you could get a sheet of the proper gauge steel and have a metal shop crimp the top and bottom, then roll it for you. Then you weld a seam, and a bottom in and you're in business. The last time I had a shop roll a sheet of steel, they did it for free since I bought the sheet metal from them. Most metal distributors will do this.
Chad, if this is something you would still like to tackle, and don't have access to a welder, I would be more than happy to do the welding for you. I can plan a fishing to trip to Montrose in the spring, and deliver it.
This guy may be the nicest guy in the world, but most great guys don't get their egos bruised so easily.
At the price he's asking, I'd bet you could build it for less than half.
My .02 cents.
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I'm gonna have to build it Gunny! Apparently business is so good they don't need mine. Probably should have been building it anyway. I don't have a good work area at home currently, but I was a foreman in a tool and die shop and have welded for years. Also lack a welder but can do some govt. work at the shop where my Dad retired from. I may be interested in your other ideas and some welding though. I'll do some more brain storming. I had found a number for Gordon's, but hadn't called yet because I thought I was just gonna buy the BDS. I'm fixing to head to town and do some more planning and see what I can get locally.

I agree this is silly as well. I first heard of the smoker in a thread like this in another BBQ forum and in turn would've became a customer. I sure never thought of it as hurting business and it definately wasn't my intention.

Thanks to most of you for the support and kind of confirming what I thought.
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Re: Drum Smoker

Chad, I'm with you too buddy.

I looked at the pics on the website also (he should be damned happy for all the hits his site is getting from all this) and I agree with GS that I bet I could build virtually the same thing for less than $150.00. I also agree that making a profit is the American way and I am standing foursquare for it. That being said, there is nothing wrong with a handy guy asking a few questions and building a replica on his own.

Looks like a barrell, a couple dozen stainless steel screws,nuts and washers, a couple of weber grills, some expanded metal welded in the bottom for a charcoal grate and fabricate a tight fitting lid and you got yourself a smoker. Whats the big secret. :roll:
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Well i dont see a thing wrong with tryin to build something your self. But you can damn sure bet Id never try to take something away from someone else and their design. If they are so good why dont you see this on national T.V. My self I dont consider this a smoker at all it looks like a way to get money from people who dont know any better. And I sure wouldnt waste my time and money on this crap. Thats just my opinion and chad I wouldnt worry about it.
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Sorry but I cant resist maybe I should get a patented on my smoker and if some one tries to copy it then I can pitch a B---h
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First off I commend you on standing up and admitting you did wrong and for deleting your posts.....and I know we all have differences of opinion. I bought a BDS..and like it...it seems most of you don't think it's worth the price, and could easily build one yourself....that's fine too.
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