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Do any of you fine Southerners on board have a good recipe for smoking Tasso. I am wanting to try this delightful sounding southern treat. Interested in using it in jambalaya mainly. I have a recipe found but figured I'd see what I could dredge up on here. Afterall, as I understand, it is smoked.
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Re: Tasso

Here is what I got on a quick Google. Looks about like the store version.

I just buy a little pack of it when I need it. :roll: It's a real heavy smoky flavor and I don't use enough of it to make a bunch of it up for myself.
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Re: Tasso

I hope that guy made a typo…1-3/4 cup of curing salt? That’s sounds like a death certificate! I use 3 oz. on a whole Canadian bacon and that’s maxing it :roll: Correct me if I’m wrong, maybe he meant pickling salt! Set me straight!
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Re: Tasso

Yes, I use All Purpose cure also, I think he meant something else. Check this,

3 oz Prague Powder #1 or Modern Cure (available at butcher supply stores or via internet. Morton's TenderQuik can be substituted in amount of 1.25 cups, but omit the pickling salt.)
- 1 cup Pickling Salt

Edit - Meant to say that was from another recipe.
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Re: Tasso

Thanks for the prompt reply Cajunsmoker!
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Rodger, you convinced me to order some before I make it in chat I think. Are you familiar with either the Poche's or Savoie's brands? If not do you have a brand of tasso you prefer?

This has been a pretty neat hunt. I found a place I can supposedly mix and match what I want for $8 lb. including shipping if I buy 10 lbs. or more. It is a little higher the less quantity I purchase. They have Andouille, Boudin, Shrimp, Crawfish, Gator, Tasso, and many other Cajun Specialties.

Here are the best looking sources I have found:

The top two look the best so far to me and NuAwlins is the one I mentioned above. Do you have any experience with or know of any of these places? If not got one you could recommend that is reputable?
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Here is the recipe that I had found and was leaning towards before I posted this:

While I'm wading in the deep end of on topic anyway, Tasso Spaghetti? Man, I gotta get me some of this stuff. cool.gif

Tasso Spaghetti
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Re: Tasso

Wow, that Tasso Spaghetti does sound good.
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Re: Tasso

Here's another Tasso recipe, but with pictures.
RandyQ BBQ Ramblings
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Excellent link and pics smokemaster! I had not found that one yet. I may just have to make it instead of buying it yet. It's just always better when your self sufficient and make your own it seems.
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Re: Tasso

I have done some of his beef jerky recipes in the past Very Very Good
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