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digital thermometer

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hi guy`s, thanks to all the input u guy`s gave ...i just ordered the maverick et-73.. @ thegadgetsource.com it`s 39.99 +s&h came to 45.09 my mouth is watering just thinking what i may be doin next !!! I`m also thinking bout ordering another double dig. therm. so i can have other meats in there ...THANKS FOR ALL THE INFO charlie
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Re: digital thermometer

yea i too am thinking of what type i want to get next. i have the et73 and will either get another so i can see the temp on two spots as i cook or just get a double meat therm to do more meats. knowing me i will get them both.

we need to have a company make us a double smoke chamber therm and a triple meat therm. maybe not all in one unit but....

and it needs to go an actual 100' or more really and though walls would be nice. maybe something we can set up and see through our computers!!!!! little mini cams that would wash the lenses themselves so we could watch the meats cook.

yea that is what we need, a camera with heat sensors that will tell us the exact internal temp with out poking holes in our precious meats.

i know NASA has to have one of these, think about how important that would be on the shuttle!! come on NASA you gave us the tempurpedic mattress now give us a thermal self cleaning camera for our smokers!!!!!!!!
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That's a good price. I think I paid around $65 for mine, shipped from amazon.
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