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controlling the temp.

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hi all, 1st I wanna say this is the coolest site i ever fond, as a nebie here i am so thrilled that u guy`s are here !!! my wife thinks i tottaly lost it ?? lol after reading several forum`s i wanna do so much with my smoker!! the pulled pork & brisket look`s like it is the best,, also chick`s and every thing else !! my main :?: is when doin a brisket & a couple small chick`s or a couple of pork loins should i use more then 1-thermometer ?? do i need 1-for ea. pc. of meat, also should i have 1- for inside the smoker to help keep temps were they should be ! i see the one on the door gives a ballprk temp but not 100% accurate ,, ok guy`s it`s a pleasure to meet all ...ok keep on smoking !!!
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I always keep a couple of therms for my meat in case, like you, I have several pieces of meat on the smoker.
Get an oven therm and set it on our cooking grates to check against the door them.
Calibrate your thermometers often to make sure they are working properly.
Smoke On!!!!!
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hey guy`s another quick ?? besides how many thermometers ??? what type and were to get them ?? ok thanks for thelp !!!
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Go to Little China (Walmart). They sell both the remote therms and the oven therms, several types of each. Any of them are about the same quality.
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Re: controlling the temp.

i use the maveric redi*temp. it has a probe for the meat and a seperate sensor for the chamber temp. it has a wireless unit with it so you can carry it with you or keep it some distance away. you can set alarms so you know if your getting too hot or too cool in your smoking chamber and when your meat has reached temp
it is the et-73 model


her is a better pic of what all you get


i think there are a few of us in here who use the same model. i love mine and was thinking of getting another so i can see the different cooking areas temps.

google it and see. there is also a lot of postings on therms do a search and see what everyone else says
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Re: controlling the temp.

Welcome to the party Smoker. A good quick check for your thermo is to stick it in boiling water. If it reads anything other than 212* you know how much it's off and can compensate accordingly.

You spoke of pulled pork, and then pork loin. Were you planning to use loin for pulled pork? If you were, I wanted to suggest that you consider using butt instead.

I use a wireless for internal temp and I love it, but I just read the buzzard's post and I'm pretty sure I'll be owning one of those in short order.(thanx Buzz)

Hang around a while and let us know how things go.

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I use the same thermometer buzzard uses. Its great, and I'm planning on getting another one soon.
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Re: controlling the temp.

Welcome to SMF. I use Taylor wireless therms. Always keep extra batteries too. They'll die when you least expect it. I would have one for each hunk of meat and one or two for cooker temp. Even if you are cooking all the same meat, each one will cook at different rates. Even if they are the same size. Personally I think it has a lot to do with the quality and age of the animal it came from.
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