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Hi to all

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Hi all,

I am from New Zealand and have been smoking meat for approx 12 months. Learning a lot, trying different stuff with some excellent results. I use a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker at this point but may invest in something bigger one day as I never seem to cook enough ribs!
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There you go learning again, we all learn that our smokers are never large enough. You just learned it earlier than most
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Hi Cheech,

I am interested in the type of fuel you guys use in USA. I can buy both lump and briquettes down here but it seems that lump burns to hot and fast and briquettes are the better option however I seem to get a chemical taste sometimes when using briquettes. Also, I dont seem to be able to get the temp over 200 even with all vents open. Maybe I should import a quantity of good fuel from USA!
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Well what I use is an electric model and my charcoal unit is a larger unit I really do not have an issue with temperature.

Maybe one of the others that uses your model can give some input here.
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Welcome Big Jimmy.
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Hey Big Jimmy - Welcome to the gathering place.

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Re: Hi to all

Welcome to SMF.
Check the "charcoal smoker" section for mods. If there's a problem with a smoker, it's been addressed here.
BTW. My smoker is plenty big. :)
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Welcome Big Jimmy to the SMF.
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Welcome to SMF Big Jimmy!!! Out of curiousity, how big of chore was it to get a WSM in New Zealand?
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Hi Ultramag,

Not too difficult but pretty expensive. Worth it though, very well made.
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