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New To Jerky

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Been thinking about this jerky making for awhile now. Have read most of the posts in the Jerky Section. I have some deer & elk in the freezer, have had it there for awhile now, just not sure what to do with it. I think I know now,jerky.... The heat 170-190*, keep an eye on it. Think since it will be the first time, maybe a store bought marinade. Just something simple to get started. I do not plan on grinding this or using a shooter, but putting my new slicer to work.
Any thoughts?

On Edit: Found an elk roast in the freezer.
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If you want a store bought marinade you can't go wrong with Hi-Mountain cajun. Other than that, try to keep your slices consistent and take pics. ;)

Have you ever checked to see just how low of a temp your GOSM will run? I always mean to and then get to the end of my smoke and get busy and forget.
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Re: New To Jerky

I know what you mean ultramag. Have thought of checking the low temps of my GOSM, but like you,always forget. Gonna do that today, will probably vary from time to time, due to the temp being 17* outside at the present.
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Ok, got the elk roast thawing . Vacuum sealed and in water, just long enough for slicing. About a 2lb roast.
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I just tried a "TEST PIECE" of the venison jerky I'm making. It was very good.

My process:
Sliced venison arm roast just under 1/4".

Marinaded for 4 hours in a 3:1 soy/worcesther
hot sauce to taste and several shakes of black pepper

Once I laid them on the grill racks I sprinkled with black pepper.

Smoked at 150-160 for almost 5 hours with hickory.

Very good taste. The longer you chew it the better it gets.

I have ground meat on now seasoned with some High-Mountain Inferno seasoning. Can't wait till it's done.

Good luck!

PS: I don't think I've ever tried elk before. Is it similar to venison?

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Re: New To Jerky

I find elk to be a little gamey. I like to mix with beef and make snak stix. I use venison straight though.
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Its not hard to make a marinade for jerky. I use 50/50 soy/worchestershire, added some garlic powder, pepper, and cayenne. Best jerky I've ever had.
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Re: New To Jerky

Am wondering, should I keep the water pan in and full of water ? Will be trying my GOSM.
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I don't use any water when making jerky... Mmmm think I'll have a piece

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Thank answered my question..
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Re: New To Jerky

Well there it is.... First Jerky
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Nice job Cajun_1. Looks like your new slicer did its job!! I guess because I use a soy base my jerky looks much darker.

So how does it taste? If you are like me you better write your process and ingredients down.... short memory ya know.

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Re: New To Jerky

It tastes good. Used Hi Mountain Original Jerky Cure & Seasoning.
Next time I do whole meat, I'm going to marinate. The Hi Mountain works better with ground meat in my opinion. Also, as the day heated up, so did the smoker.(only 34* here). So I will have to devise another way to do this. I will definately do this again. :P
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Lookin' Good cajun_1. What temp. were you able to keep the smoker down to?
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About 160* and that was almost turned to off. Biggest problem were the chips, flames that low didn't keep them smoldering. Think I'll have to use the Brinkman next time.
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