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Hello everyone.

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Hello smokers, I am fairly new to the smokin' game. An associate from work was telling me how his family gets together around the 1st of the year to make venison sausage. 500-600 pounds normally. I asked what type of smoker they used and he told me "homemade".
Well long story short, I built a small smoker that uses propane and I plan on making venison summer sausage using his recipe. I built the smoker about 1 1/2 weeks ago.
Since finding this site, I have made 2 "Fatties" - WOW what a treat. I made one with JD and the other from JB Rice. I must say the JD was much better. I have made 1 batch of beef jerky from a roast. I have been making jerky for years with a dehydrater with good results. However I will ALWAYS use the smoker for jerky now! I also have smoked 3 chickens. I had never even heard of Brining poultry until I found this site. By far the best birds I have ever cooked. For Christmas day I did two of the birds with the "Wicked Baked Beans". I added one jalapeno minus the seeds and 1 TBS of ground mustard. Dutch, thanks for sharing the recipe. EXCELLENT!! They are a little sweet for my wife, she's hypoglycemic (sp?) - so next time I need to ease up on the sweetness somehow.
WOW I see I'm rambling. GREAT site, thanks Jeff and everyone.
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Re: Hello everyone.

Welcome aboard MoHntr! I think you will enjoy time spent here! If ya get the time take Jeff’s Smoking Basics eCourse, there is a wealth of knowledge there for the taking and will help get ya up to speed in this game! I’m sure impressed the way ya got right into the thick of it from the getgo! You will find tons of recipes and techniques here! :shock: Just make sure ya get a good probe thermometer (or 2) wink.gif
Thin and blue will get ya through!
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Welcome Mohntr sounds like your off to a good start. This is the happening place theres a lot of knowlege here, dont be bashful pull up a seat and jump on in.
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Welcome to SMF MoHntr!!! Another fellow Missourian I presume.
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Ha ... you nailed that one GoFish. I'm glad we have a 3 day weekend coming up so I can have some SMOKIN' TIME!

Up in Smoke: I already took the eCourse. I really did learn alot from it. I keep going back and reading it ... over and over! :)

msmith: This is a happening place. It's overwhelming at times. I plan on smokin' my first pork loin this weekend. I found lots of reading on the cut of meat!!

ultramag: Thanks for the welcome. Yepper - Missourian. I think I have more of my profile online now.

Take care!
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Re: Hello everyone.

Welcome to SMF. Either Missourians have a lot of time on thier hands, or it's a gang that's planning on taking over all of smokerdom.
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