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I've been cooking pretty much nonstop for the last 4 days for family or friends or whoever, and finally did the regular family dinner today. Didn't get any pics of the preperation but I just got finished cleaning up and am going to have some leftovers and thought I would post a picture of that. :D

Plate has pork loin rubbed with apricot preserves and stuffed with wild rice dressing and basted and served with Mahogany sauce made with muscadine preserves and Southern Comfort whisky; the dressing on the side is green onions, apricot preserves and mushrooms, with seasoned long grain and wild rice; baked sweet potato; purple hull peas; pears with pecan crumble and bleu cheese.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.
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Re: Leftovers

Man that's got to be the pride of your Parish :)

Love the Louisiana cooking wink.gif

You need to take a well deserved rest.....Where were the burn yo house down peppers?
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Re: Leftovers

That looks mighty tasty there Cajunsmoker…I like the variety chosen! :shock:
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Re: Leftovers

Looks yummy even though I'm full to the brim :) ! Enjoy your well deserved leftovers.
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Re: Leftovers

with one look at that plate--

i know the cook is from east texas or southern louisianna..

dont cha know!!

i here them puppies barking---
you gonna have any scraps left for fido---i mean FI-deaux ???
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