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Smoking in Iowa!

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Greetings from the fridgid state of Iowa! LOL Been smoking for a year now. Started with a weber charcoal smoker, had lots of luck with the ole girl. Due to the beautiful weather here in Iowa in the late fall, winters, I had to switch to a Propane Great Outdoors Smoker to keep the temps going right. Had a heck of a time keeping the charcoal at a consistent temp.

Love to smoke our big Iowa boneless pork loins, turkey breasts, BRATS, chicken breasts, pork ribs, and trying hamballs tommorrow with a porkloin. Reading around the forums I think I need to get into the Bacon, and not the chocolate covered kind. LOL Looking foward to sharing your knowledge and helpful tips and tricks.

Have a Merry XMAS!
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Welcome to SMF ballagh!!! I had almost forgot about ChiBill's Christmas cookies and here it is that time of year.
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ballagh, glad to have you on board. Speaking of Christmas cookies, my youngest son and the oldest grandson was dipping pretzels in chocolate yesterday when I remembered about the Chirstmas cookie post. Fried up about a half pound of bacon and dipped it in the left over chocolate. Grandson thought I was off my rocker but after his first taste, he asked for another piece.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
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Re: Smoking in Iowa!

Welcome to SMF. I lived in SW Iowa a long time myself. I still miss the pheasant.
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