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Cool! Thanks Dutch I'll check it out
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Dutch is a great proofreader and editor. He has helped me more than he'll ever admit. Not to mention my surprise at finding him as a mentor on this board. Hopefully the next time he swings through the treasure valley we can find time for coffee and a fattie....

Thanks Dutch

And Debi if you would like the first book of B Bar Jake I have it in PDF that is easily e-mailed Just let me know.

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Longshot -

It's always best to have a proof reader other than yourself. I can never proofread my own stuff I see what I meant not what I typed (as you all have no doubt noticed in my posts!)

I'd love to check out first book of B Bar Jake. Send in on!

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Long, Looks like I'll be that direction in May- wanted to do it the end of March but Mrs. Dutch said we ain't going anywhere until after the granddaughter is born (due April 2nd).
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LongShot -

I read the first 10 pages - excelent writting style! Can't wait to see what happens to Jake and Ma!
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Longshot, I just got done reading the first three parts of Chapter 1 on the SASS forum. I would be interested in reading the first book in PDF if you would like to send it.

Should I read the PDF book first or does it matter? I suppose Longshot L'Amour would cause legal woes. ;) My Grandfather was an avid reader of western books. I have a virtual Louis L'Amour library.
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Hey Guys,
Anyone interested in that PDF of the first B Bar Jake book just e-mail me at I'll send it to you

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I don't normally read western novels, but this reads like a Steinbeck. HIGHLY recommended!

Why George? Why George?

So far it's a winner Longshot!
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Thanks Debi, That means something coming from a non-western fan thank you very much.
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Longshot -
You are a very talented writer. When something is written well it doesn't always matter much what it's about. If it flows - it's takes you with it and leaves you wanting more. Well done!
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