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No....I dont have any Michigan Connections....I was born and raised out here in the Silicon Valley. Tough life but hey someone has to enjoy the California Beaches!

Put the GOSM together last night and I am Seasoning it in now. Not too keen on the door handle with the GOSM's. Seems a little bit flinzy to me.
Anyways, kicked her in and placed some Hickory Chunks and water to get the smoke flowing. I put the GOSM all the way down on low and the temp read about 250-260 on the door. I thought....hmmmmm how am I going to get those 220-225 range all the posts say. So I took out my trusty thermometer and placed it in and it read 225 at the same location. This by the way was with the top vent all the way open! Sure wish I could go lower but that would mean me cutting some holes on the side and I dont really want to do that. I closed the vent on the top as much as it could and I think the reading will be in the 250 range with my trusty thermo. Did anybody else get the readings like about 25 degrees hotter???

-last question for fellow GOSM owners. I foiled the water pan like i have read on here but would it be a good ideal to foil the bottom of the smoker inside? Seems like grease can easily fall outside the water pan area and get all gunked up on the bottom. Any suggestions like maybe a bigger water pan or something?

Thanks for the advice in advance and Sorry Dutch the wife saw the Stuffed Pork Lion and she said do you know how expensive Pork Loin is? She said start off with the basics first!.......Jeez....no Faith that gal of mine!
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The stock thermo in my GOSM was not accurate. I always used a digital probe thermo to make sure of my temps. The smoker will probably run a little cooler when you put a hunk o' cold meat in it. As for gunk on the bottom of the smoker - I scrape it out with a plastic scraper after the smoker has cooled. You might want to check out this thread about what I did after I broke my stock thermo. I'm not recommending this but it will give you a little insight into the stock thermo.


Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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hey kaptn.. which fremont are you from? Alameda County.San Bernadino or Yolo?

Bonfare Market
La Tricolor Meat Market
Walley World

and the list goes on where you could get brisket, when i was working in Del Mar and San Bernadino we use to go to Ralph's or Albertsons, but for tritips, chicken wings or ribs we use to find a local butcher in the hood cuz it was always cheap and they always had every kind of cut of meat you ever wanted..lol
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I am in the Alemeda County....just above San Jose, California.

I checked Raley's and thier meat selection is terrible. Albertsons has some briskets from time to time out here.

Once in a blue moon Safeway has them too but more expensive and half cuts on those.
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