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Chips or Chunks?

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I'm ready to pull the trigger on 1 cu. ft. of smoking wood and the etailer's blog suggests that for some electric smokers wood chips are preferable to wood chunks.

I have a Brinkman Gourmet bullet/water smoker and would prefer to use chunks (I think!).

Also, I'm probably going to get a mixture of cherry, sugar maple, ash and red oak. I'll be smoking brisket, pork butt and turkey breast for a New Years Day bash.

Any input would be helpful.
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Re: Chips or Chunks?

Larger pieces of wood are always preferable. With a smaller Cooker, such as yours, you can put a small layer of chips 1st, then chunks to get things started. Once the heat is sufficient to smokder the wood, continue with the chunks.

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Wow, Jeff, that's a quick reply!

Good advice, but I'm going to buy either all chips or all chunks. Unless the Brinkman shouldn't use chips at all I'll go with the chunks. Based on your advise I'll use a hatchet to cut some chips off the chunks for the base layer.
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Re: Chips or Chunks?

Then buy the chunks, they will start in about 5-10 minutes…just don’t put your meat in till you start to see some smoke, that’s what I did with my Brinky! Either lay them around between the coil 9 (try not to touch coil with wood) or put a pan on the coil and throw em in there! wink.gif

If you are going to be smoking in January you might want to think about insulating that smoker some…check out my inexpensive little project perfect for your smoker! Believe me you will need something if it is real cold!

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Re: Chips or Chunks?


You have a link to your project? I was thinking of smoking in the garage
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George have you had a chance to experiment with chunks and chips and see what you like best?

I have always used chips and found now that the chuncks work better in an electric smoker.

When the element is on for just a bit the chunks allow the wood to continue to smoke even when the heat is no longer there.

I still use chips, I just use them on my charcoal grill
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