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Lighting Methods

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I plan on buying a charcoal smoker and i have been reading this forum for tips. I am looking for advice on how to light your charcoal. The only way i know how is to is the way i do it on my webber, by putting lighter fluid on the charcoal and lighting it. I was wondering how you experianced guys do it.
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Re: Lighting Methods

Here is a link to a chimney starter. This works much better than lighter fluid.

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Chimney starters are great. They take about 20 minutes to get going real good, but you don't have to use any lighter fluid.
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Sears has them for 15.99
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Chimney starter is the way to go for getting your charcoal started.
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Gofish really nailed it. It's good to be able to start a fresh batch of charcoal while the embers of a previous batch are still declining in heat. And it's all done without the smell of the lighter fluid. Also, the pariffinn cubes are great.
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when buying a charcoal chimney starter local, it pays to shop around. i have seen them from $6.99 to $15.99 for the same sized units, depending on which i store i looked at. i think it was lowe's that had them for $6.99. i am going to look again before i buy mine. where ever i am when i see one for $6.99, i will buy it there. they all looked to be the same quality wise, too.
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