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True Newbie alert!!!

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Name: Jason
Originally from: Kentucky
Currently live: Nashville, TN

Smoking background: Will be smoking my first meat tomorrow. Doing short ribs and large chicken drumsticks. I come from a meat smoking family. My dad was a mason by trade; his dad was a mason which naturally leads to having a full-blown smoke pit in your backyard. I grew up enjoying the rewards of smoked meat, but irresponsibly I never learned how.

As a true-blue rookie and not concerned with being a purist, I am starting with a Brinkman electric smoker. I wanted to go this route to see how the smoking career goes and have full intention of upgrading later if this thing catches.

I have a strong cooking background in the kitchen and on the grill. Just no true smoking experience.

I am looking forward to learning tips and tricks from all of you.

I have a post in the poultry forum inquiring about cooking times for the drumsticks if anyone wants to head over there with hints.
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How about a pic of your rig?

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Re: True Newbie alert!!!

Welcome to this great forum. A pic of that pit would be nice.
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Welcome to SMF dawgball!!!

Have you considered signing up for Jeff's 5-day eCourse? Lots of good info to help get ya off on the right foot.
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Re: True Newbie alert!!!

Welcome to the forum dogball! How'd that smoke turn out??
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Welcome to SMF, Dawgball. You found the greatest Smoking Foods forum to learn from.

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