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18# turkey

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I'm smoking a turkey this weekend for ther first time. I bought an 18 pounder before I knew that it was too big for smoke. My question is:
Will cutting off the legs and theighs and smoking them seperately suffice?
I read elsewhere if I cut off the leg and theighs of a bird that was too big you could keep it out of the danger zone. However, every other site I look at says that you sholdn't smoke a turkey over 12 pounds.
Is my only option to cut this thing into parts before I smoke it? I don't want to kill anyone here.
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Re: 18# turkey

Well Smokin,
You can brine that turkey for 48 hr. and add an oz of prague powder or Morton tender quick (cure) per gallon of water, along with other brining ingredients (check forum for brines), or you can smoke it at 325° like a regular turkey only adding some smoke to it! You should still brine it though without the cure for at least 12 hours. wink.gif
Best of luck…

ps. hold on , I hear more responses comin! :lol:
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Welcome to SMF snow!!! How did the bird come out?
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Smokin' in the snow, Whole turkeys shouldn't be over 12 pounds. There's nothing wrong with removing the thighs/legs from the bird. You did not mention what type of a smoker you are using. If you can't fit everything in the smoker (breast portion on one shelf, legs on another) refrigerate or freeze what you can't smoke and smoke it later.
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Re: 18# turkey

It sounds to me like there's only one solution in this case. You'll need to inform your wife that you need a much larger smoker! :lol: :lol: :lol:

BTW, welcome to the board!

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