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ButterBall Sucks!!

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I smoked 4 turkeys for our dinner at work on Wednesday. One was a 10 lb Butterball, and the others were cheapies. We all bring either a bird, butt, brisket or other dish for the occasion. This year it was all turkeys.
I brined the cheap ones in salt, sugar, garlic, onion, cayenne, black pepper, and apple juice. I did not use butter under the skin or any other seasoning on the skin. Not because I didn't want to. I just forgot. I did nothing to the Butterball. I must say, and it was unanimous at work too, the Butterball sucked compared to the brined birds. I wish I would have taken pics. They were so succulent.
I had a Dr. appointment right after lunch, and when I came back there was 4 guys picking at the carcasses.
Our family Thanksgiving is Friday, and they want deep fried turkeys. I guess I will accommodate them. Too bad they won't get any smoked Turkey. Oh well, their loss.
Do yourselves a favor. Save your money and NEVER buy a Butterball.
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My experience with Butterballs is that the brine needed to have the salt reduced by about half. That way they were not too salty. The brine brings so many other things to the party that I think it is still worth the effort.

Just my $0.02.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Re: ButterBall Sucks!!

hello hello,
i've always had good luck with store brands or cheapies.

i have a neighbor---
who doesnt like birds of any kind..

request my smoked turkey..

he likes it no cure no brine no rub right out of bag

he still will not eat chicken... he worked on chicken farm
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Re: ButterBall Sucks!!

I like the Butterball for the fryer. Don't have to add as much butter to the injection mix ....
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I used a honeysuckle white turkey it was a fresh turkey and was 98 cents per pound and came out awsome

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I found a fresh butterball turkey at Costco. I brined and smoked it and it came out wonderful. The dark and white meats were very moist and cut with a fork. Butterball recommends to only brine the fresh turkeys because the frozen ones have been "prepared'.

Sigma Man
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Re: ButterBall Sucks!!

My Butterball was frozen, and I've heard that you're not supposed to brine them. It was tough and not juicy at all.
I did fry a Honeysuckle White that I injected with my homemade teriyaki sauce and it was fantastic.
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