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Buckboard Bacon

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I finally got to get the pork loins into the smoker yesterday...they were ready to go on Monday, but couldn't get to them then...the extra days didn't hurt anything at all...they came out great..a little salty tho...maybe its just me..kind of sensitive to salt anyway...soaked and rinsed them well too..
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Ok...Where did all pics go that were suppose to be with my last post??? used image shack too...
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

on wednesday --
my butt"s 10 days are up.

weather says rain wed

so thursday the thin blue will shine thru. :)
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Lets try these pics again for the Bacon

And in the beginning

All smoked

Looks like I need a bigger plate

All sliced and ready for the food saver

Hope this works this time...

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Re: Buckboard Bacon

this is scaring me a little---

your pic of the loins before smoking -
seem to be normal color..

my butt has turned much darker.

is this normal??

or has meat gone bad??

some body please respond to questions.
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When I had the loins in the fridge curing ..I had them vac sealed in a food saver bag...How much of a difference this made?? I don't know....but I'm sure if you used the right amount of cure, and had it covered good, in a non-metalic should be ok...this is the first time I have done one I don't have anything to compare it to...

Hope this helps..
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

yo vulcan
i put my butt in a zip lock bag.

the color of the meat is turning darker,much darker.
its past grey-- leaning to almost red /brown.

maybe i should tell yall that im a little color blind.
since its my first time --i guess im a little cautious.
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It's good to be cautious....with any kind of meat...and when the cure time is up...the final test is going to be the old nose test....if it still smells ok...then go for it...
Good Luck

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Richard -

That butt looks yummy! You used a butt not a pork belly to make the bacon? Is this more akin to canadian bacon?

Looks like this would make a nice prociutto!

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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Looks like a pork loin ta me! How long did ya cure it? I only cure mine for 4-5 days, less salty that way! Good lookin canadian bacon! wink.gif
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That was a 10# pork loin...I let it cure for 14 days...only because the 10 days were up on a Monday, and I just couldn't get to it did taste a little salty at first..but it seemed to mellow out after it sat for a day after it was smoked..

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Good looking bacon! I've been using butts and wondered how a loin would come out. Thanks for the post, I think my next one will be a loin.
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