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i can't figure out how to make a vent for mine. i need it on the end, like in the ash drawer, or something like that.
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Chris, can you post a pic or drawing of what you're working with? I have a ton of ideas for vents. I'd be glad to help. I may even have a vent that would work great for you, that I built for another project. It would make a perfect vent for an ash drawer. If it would work for you, I'd send it to ya, FoC.
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here is a simple drawing i made in ms paint. it is not to scale. the door is on top, and the ash drawer in the end.
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Chris, I'll take a pic of what I have. I think it would work out for you. I've got to head out and work on mine, and after, I'll post a pic.
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cool. thanks. it will be 26" X 20" x 18".
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Gunslinger have you got it back together yet.
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Chris, here's a pic of the vent I made. It's a standard damper type vent. I used 3 inch pipe and cut the dampers out of 1/4 inch sheet. They close pretty tight too.
If you want them, I'll send them to you. I would think 2, 3 inch vents would be sufficient.
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tom, cool. pm sent.
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Chris, I haven't forgot you. I have been so busy lately and as I write this from my Treo phone, my PC remains in the shop. I will get those vents off today and try to get them out to you Tuesday.
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ok, thanks tom. i got an air compressor free, but the pump is locked up. i am using the tank off it for my firebox. it is 30" long X 13" diameter. the wheels off it will go on the new smoker also. i posted a drawing i did in MSpaint here. now, i just have to figure out the ash door part. or, i might not do an ash door, and just clean it out by hand thru the big door.
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