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Source for natural casings?

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What do you think?
Also, anyone know how to proccess them if there not all ready.
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Re: Source for natural casings?

'slinger, I'm not sure of the process to make casings, all I know is that it's stripped from the intestines.

Here is a good source for natural casings and they ship for free!!
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Re: Source for natural casings?

You’re down south enough, they should be in your local supermarket (maybe not the big chainstores) they should have hog or sheep casings readily. If not, the internet is loaded with lots of sausage supply sites, check your local butcher, he might sell you smaller quantities. wink.gif
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Re: Source for natural casings?

I normally get them done when I have a hog butchered, but the proccessor said they are going to stop doing them.
I thought maybe I'd start proccessing my own hogs.
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Re: Source for natural casings?

Cheapest I have found for the "home stuffer" is
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There is a site called the Sausage Maker ( ) that has all kinds of casings, flovors, instructions, etc.
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Gunny ... Good to see you again ... It's been a long time.
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You might want to check the date on post cajun.. 2006. False alarm.
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Geez... I looked the other day for him. I feel diminished for never having the opportunity to meet him- as of yet.
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icon_redface.gif Thanks PC ... how did that happen? ... Still miss Gunny's posts icon_redface.gif
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Rich ... Gunny is one hellava guy. His posts were always informative. I would supect most his post/threads are in archive now.
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Have read many. And learned much. Hoping to thank him!
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I'm sure he would appreciate that.
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I second Dutch's recommendation. So far, I like the DeWied brand best. There are a number of web sites out there that sell them, so you might shop around, taking shipping into consideration of course.

Other local sources for me at least are:

Bass Pro Shops
Academy Sports

I prefer the DeWied, but if in a pinch, I can go out to these stores and get a package.

-=- Jerry -=-
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I thought that he was back too!! He and cowgirl would probably have a lot to talk about and compare!
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Here I click the link holding my breath hoping Tom came back to us, but some how I knew I'd be disappointed! icon_cry.gif

I miss you Tom! PDT_Armataz_01_31.gif
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