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Temp Help

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OK, this is probably a terrible question but I am too new and inexperienced to know the answer. I have read how to keep constant high heat with the minion method. Now how do you measure that heat? I smoked my first chicken last weekend and tried using a meat thermometer to measure the temperature in the smoker. My lid does not sit flush with the smoker leaving a gap. I just stuck the probe in the gap and watched the temp rise. My problem is I don't believe what the thermometer is telling me. I NEED HELP!
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Just came upon your post, do you still need help?
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Tell us more about your smoker..Brand name ? We're here to help, just need more info.
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Re: Temp Help

2 things you can do.

1. get a drill, put a hole in your smoker at the grate level, and insert a therm designed for smokers. you can find them for around 20 bucks or so and do a great job.

2. the you the maveric ET-73. it is a digital therm with two sensors. one to read the temp at the grate and one probe for the meat temp. it is nice
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