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Maybe longer time makes it better? Who knows...anyway, if I wait until tomorrow to turn, instead of today, I should be able to smoke next Saturday. I'm itching to try this bacon. Guess I'll just have to scratch for a little longer. Thanks.
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Re: Buckboard Bacon


i have pulled buckboard out of the rub as soon as 7 days and have left it in as long as 21days and it all turns out great the stuff seems pretty fail safe if you ask me hard to mess it up good luck hope it turns out for ya later
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Is there a homemade recipe for making the cure for buckboard bacon out there? or is this something special?
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Re: Buckboard Bacon


check out len poli's web site he has a recipe for buckboard bacon that you can do at home http://home.pacbell.net/lpoli/ this should help you out later
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Thanks salmonclubber, this is a great link there are a ton of recipes there. All this talk about bacon I had to make some and really like to make it myself from scratch plus it is tough to wait for the delivery
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Are there any potential problems with curing butts and loins that have been frozen?

I picked up a couple boneless butts at Costco today and hadn't ordered my Buckboard Cure until I got home. Since I'm not sure about how long it will take around the holiday to arrive I was thinking I should pop the butts in the freezer probably.
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I wouldn't think it would be a problem as long as it's totally thawed when you apply the cure.

Anyone else..your thoughts?
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

hey ultramag

i usually buy the pork butts by the case and freeze them and pull them out when i am ready to use them i have had no problem with using them for buckboard bacon just thaw cure and smoke them sometimes after i smoke the bacon i refreeze the bacon and thaw when we are ready to eat some i use the pork butts for mixing with the sausage that i make also i use them for pulled pork have had no problems so far hope this helps
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Thank you guys much. I couldn't think of any problems, but haven't cured meat like this before and wanted to be sure.
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