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New Guy

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I am new here and I just wanted to say Hello.
I use a Smith and Wesson 38 Special and a S&W 500 Mag
I am from Boise
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Re: New Guy

Welcome Idahosmoke

You have a couple of fine "Smokers" there!
I use a 1911 (modified of course).

Browse around and find all the answers you need or post any question you might have

Again Welcome wink.gif
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Re: New Guy

Welcome to SMF Idaho!!! I just know I'm gonna like a guy who tells ya what kinda shootin' irons he's got in his intro. wink.gif If a start listing mine on here there gonna throw me outta here for using up all the bandwidth. :shock: :D
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Glad you are here. I have a 38 Special on my "I've got to have one of those someday!'" list


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Welcome Idahosmoke, Glad to have a fellow Idahoian in here. Near Twin Falls is my area.
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Well shoot, (pun intended :D) lets see here, Springfield Armory XD .45 ACP and a Ruger P95 in 9MM for personal use and S&W 910 in 9MM for the job.

Glad it's you that shoots that 500 Mag. hand cannon! :shock: I'm suffering from "recoil shock" just thinking about it!!

So what do you use for your smoker toy, Idaho? Oh, BTW welcome to SMF.
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Re: New Guy

Glad you're here! I feel safer already!! Welcome to the forum. Let us know some smoking history Idahosmoke. My Mom lives in Boise, neat place. Next time I talk to her I'll ask if she can smell the smoke and hear the gun shots...
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Welcome aboard glad to have you here. Poke around and ask away and please share some of your knowledge with the rest of us.
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Hey Idahosmoke,
I'm new here and from Boise as well. My other smoker is a Glock 21 .45.
Best wishes
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