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mmm mmmm

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I smoked up some turkey wings and a boneless beef roast this weekend. I dry-rubbed the beef about 36 hrs before I started cooking, and the wings right before I started the fire. I smoked them both over oak and pecan until temperature of the beef reached 145....only about 3 hours for everything. I wrapped the beef in foil and placed it inside my lunch cooler for about 3 hours, then moved it to the fridge for later. It was med-rare at that temperature but it kept cooking in the foil and got just as tasty and tender as hell. We ate the turkey wings right away, but saved the roast for the next day. It was just awsome! I also saved the drippings and made au jus for dipping. I'll definitely have to make another one like that (even the mother-in-law had to take some home with her).
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Sounds good. Are there any pictures? We love pictures.

It's always good when the MIL takes food home with her.

Good Job.

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Re: mmm mmmm

Sounds like one heck of an effort, SmokeWatcher! And the official MIL stamp of approval, too? Wow! You had a great weekend and a super smoke to boot! Keep at it, friend!

Oh, and to echo Meowey....any pics? Some of us are addicted to food porn. We can't help ourselves and there is no treatment, only appeasement! :D

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Wish I did have pics. Only digital camera around here is at work, I didn't think to grab it.
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Re: mmm mmmm

Sounds like everything turned out well for you SmokeWatcher. I've seen lots of whole beef roasts getting the smoke treatment around here over the past several weeks. The next time I catch one on sale I think I'll give it a go...
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