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If you can weld, have access to some cheap material, and plently of time on your hands then you may want to get real crazy :) and build a second wall around the top and sides of your GOSM. In the small area between the layers you could put oven insulation. One inch of clearance would be plenty. The door could also have double walls if you wished. Of course some dreams are really just nightmares and not great ideas. :lol: There is one guy that put his Big Block in a cabinet. His pictures can be found in the photo area of the Smokymountain group on Yahoo. I am still thinking there is something major wrong with that picture.
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Got to jump in here as well...I also have the big in on the same deal that Monty mentioned from Home Depot...$189.00 and free shipping...arrived in great shape..delivered by the shipping co in the back of a minivan....I have not had any problems at all with great...this will be my first winter with a I, as well will have to get the wind and snow problem under control...soooo
like Monty said WHATAREYAWAITINGFOR!!!!!!
Good luck with what ever you decide on...

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Guess Id better look at this 3605GBD unit...Thanks guys. By the way, Work says I'll be out of town for the next few days.
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I already had a GOSM 36" charcoal smoker and a GOSM 36" propane smoker along with 3 other smokers when I ran across the Stainless Steel GOSM Big Block propane smokers at Sam's Club a few years back. Something compelled me to buy 2 of them (even though I already had 5 smokers :lol: ). I gave 3 smokers to family & friends, kept 1, tossed the other and never regretted the purchase. The GOSM SS BB's cost me $325 each but I heard folks a few months later saying they got theirs for $295.

If you can find a GOSM SS BB they are well worth the price. They have become all but extinct in stores as I haven't been able to locate one anywhere recently. If you can't find a Stainless Steel one then I would highly recommend the black Big Block over the smaller models so you can cook whole packer briskets and full slabs of ribs.
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I want to thank everyone for all the input on this subject
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You are most welcome, Friend!

Now, the millon dollar question.....You gonna buy one?

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Soon srmonty...Soon.
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EXCELLENT! You will not regret that purchase!

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Thank You Sir.
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What is the major difference between the Wide Body and the Big Block that justifies the price difference. Is it just the wider capacity, or does it really retain that much more heat? I'm tempted to go with the Wide Body and don't really need a metric ton of space, but I don't want to sell myself short if $40 will get me something much better.
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Whatever you think you need now - go at least one size bigger! You won't regret it! For $40 you could end up saving alot of aggrivation later!
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i guess the wide body is already one step up from what i think i would need. one concern would be the width, but i don't mind if i need to trib a slab of ribs before putting it in--i'm not out to impress anybody.
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But they just dont look as purdy cut in two!!
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