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thanks for the response, I made my basket yesterday.... Might have to build another, mine came out 12x12x6


Here is the grill I pick up on Friday.... the guy had it for 3 years and never used it 


I will not let this happen in this house 






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congrats.......nice lookin rig!

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I just bought this rig yesterday , looking to do all these mods. Thanks for posting pics!!
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post up pics as you go along.................

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Still haven't made any modifications yet, but I might take a shot at making one of those elevated racks this weekend, with my (new to me) huge vice.


I find that with little or no effort on my part, my BBChef will hover very nicely between 205 and 220 F. I guess it's just how I build my fire. I only use charcoal to get it started, then it's all chucks and twigs of fruit wood... apple, cherry and pear, mostly, mixed 50/50 with oak chunks. Be judicious with chestnut, it packs a punch in smoke flavor.


Does anyone have any knowledge of smoking with Carolina Allspice? We all know that it's not really Allspice, or Pimento. It's known that it's berries are mildly toxic No one has said "For god's sake, NO!", or any king of negative response for that matter, but all the "Yeses" I get seem somewhat vague.

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Hey there. I see this is an old post, but I just got this same grill, and I want to make the basket referenced.  Is this the right type that I would use to make it?


Also, would I be able to bend this into shape without a vice?

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Hey vstephens01 yes that's the stuff. I used it to make a basket for my smoker last week. Watch this youtube video, that's how I did it


Good luck n good smokin'

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I know this is an old thread, but I made the smoke box mods to my BBQ Chef I've used for eight years and can't believe how much they help. My pit s pretty beat up and it has never performed better. Thank you all for your input!
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