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pulled pork

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A couple of weekends ago I made some pulled pork and used the Sunday afternoon crowd at teh VFW as my guniea pigs (I lie, I tried it once before at home) I used 2 butts and two loins as that's all I could find. Well everybody loved it, I want to follow Johnny's recipe from the get go, but this was a last minute decision so I just used his finishing sauce and table sauce. You didn't even need the table sauce, it was great. I brought some in to one of my co-workers who was born and raised in Germany, where pork is used heavily. I was complimented with her comment that it was the best pork she has ever had... :lol:

Gotta love that!!
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Great job Shelb

Smoke some bratwurst (I know unless its your own, it will be American bratwurst and not German) and she might like that too
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Congradulations Shellbellc,

Nothing like a compliment for good smoked pork.
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Way to go Shellbellc. Nothing like a great compliment to boost ones confidence (& ego :P)!! :D
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