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Re: Competition Lessons

All kidding asiide, My wife and I were judges last year at a kcbs event. If your going to compete and are nervous and this is my opinion, Become a judge and get to know the rules and you'll get to see and taste lots of BBQ <Just remember small bites> This will also give you an idea of what the competition is like. Just a suggestion and good luck

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Thanks Joe hey how is the business coming along?
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Re: Competition Lessons

Hey Cheech, Yer welcome.. The restaurant start up is like smoking a brisket <was in a stall mode do to the electrical system> But it's moving again. Looking for a March opening. The electricians start monday so I have to work this weekend moving some equipment in the kitchen around. I also have to get rid of a double WOK stove. Perhaps an ebay item but the used restaurant equipment folks don't want it and I tried to give it to them for free.. It may be a junk yard item. Thanks for asking about the restaurant I did post an update today in the forum here someplace .. laugh <must be the age>

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if it is a heavy piece of metal, i take stuff like that to my local metal recycler. they buy it, per pound. a fridge, a washer and drier, and a household cook stove, as a load for example, can bring $30-50 here. just to load it, drive there, and throw it off the trailer.
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Post a message on some of the forums, and see if any teams need/want a helper. Sometimes they do at the last minute, so you would need to be ready. That is sure one good way to get the feet wet so to speak.

If you need some links to other forums, let me know, I will pm you some links.

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