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Thermometer Websites

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Here is a list of thermometer websites. I have the NuTemp remote thermometers. If you have a company or product to add to the list, just post it, and I will add it.

NuTemp Thermometers

Maverick Thermometers

Thermapen (This is on my wish list!)

Fluke Thermometers
http://us.fluke.com/usen/products/FoodPro+%28Europe%29.htm?catalog_name=FlukeUnitedS tates&Category=FTHE(FlukeProducts)

Taylor Thermometers

Comark Instruments (Search thermometers)

Polder Thermometers

Pampered Chef

Cooper Thermometers
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Noah, Since this post is a good resource for thermometer, I made it a 'sticky' so it won't get lost in the back pages.
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Thanks again Dutch! You are always saving the day...
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Here is a thermometer site I found yesterday looking for parts for building my smoker.

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Thanks for the info Noah, nice collectionPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Deserves a sticky!
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Good idea Dutch!
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what brand or model thermometer do yall suggest? Both for grill tempereatrue and meat temp. I wanna get something with accurate readings
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Thanks for the web site link regarding thermometers. I just ordered a
BBQ Temperature Gauge - 2 Inch for my Brinkmann all-in-one bullet type smoker. I'll post a Q View after install.
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Great list you have there. The Maverick link isn't working. I found this link that does. http://www.maverickhousewares.com/

And by the way, just got the Maverick Meat Grinder and it works great. It plowed thru a 6 lb pork butt in no time for fresh sausage.
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I believe that the boiling water test is best and we (refrigeration and ac work) used to test our thermometers in a large glass packed solid with crushed ice and then filled with water. Mix it a bit to help the water lose its heat to the ice.
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I know this is an old post, but I'll second the thermoworks products. I ordered 2 thermocouples last week, and they are very solid. The meat probe is a 6 foot long stainless steel tank! Very accurate and very fast response. Haven't tried it on a long smoke yet, only on the calibration bench....you know...the stove.

Not to mention the fact the that thermoworks folks put a little bag of jelly belly's in the box; that sold me on the deal!
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This is a great post.....Nice to have a place to look for parts and such..........
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dig thermo

I just ordered three of these and am very exited to try them out!

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thought i would post this link i found for the oregon scientific aw131 for $35 each. looks like a good deal compaired to other prices i found for them.
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Thanks for the link. I got mine last week and will try it tomorrow. After shipping, it cost about $42 which is still cheaper than if I had bought it at the store. Same unit about $50
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I want to buy a really good thermometer for my boyfriend. This one you can use for smoking too because it says
BBQ Thermometer / Oven Thermometer
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Wow are those gold plated. 180 Bucks!
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My Polder quit on me about 2 months ago, I sent it back for replacement & still have not heard back from them. I sent them an email today. Not the best customer service so far.

Anyhow, what would y'all suggest for a thermo that is durable & reliable?
and may have someone working in customer service...
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Heres a better one for the Nu Temp. I just ordered a a set for a friend the prices are still good for a good savings.


I highly recommend these/
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Maverick ET-73
Dual probe remote thermometer

I like this one because it has two probes. You can put one in the meat and one on the grate to monitor smoker temp.

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