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Ribs Question

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When I smoke ribs I use spareribs, (but kinda too meaty)baby backs dont have enough meat for me. and when I eat out at a bbq place there ribs are perfect amount of meat per bone. what type of ribs do most bbq joints use?
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Re: Ribs Question


3# and under pork spareribs are the top of the line rib.

Here is a link that will help you understand where the different types of rib comes from;


Hope this helps.
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Re: Ribs Question

yup that looks like it, I just need to trimm the spareribs. aka st. louis style. thanks
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I would think that your restaurants are getting their meats from a better source, or a better supply of meats than you. I know that restaurants get much better fish, then you will walk into at your fish monger. I would think that restaurants are not serching the back row at the corner grocery for a good deal.
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If you can locate a food wholeseller you can get some pretty good deals. This is where most resturants get their meat. The down side of course is that you have to buy in bulk. Markeli and I bought some pork butts and got a great deal on them but we had to buy them by the case -in this instance the weight of a case was 70 pounds. Luckily we both have freezers and could freeze them until use. I been looking to buy untrimmed spares in bulk to save on the cost and having been a butcher I can trim them the way I want.
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Re: Ribs Question

I've decided to smoke some ribs this weekend and called my butcher about the 3# and unders. Now, I don't know about the other parts of the country, but, here in Wisconsin, my butcher tells me because of the larger pigs now, the 3# and unders are called "4.25# and under." So....I'll giv'r a try! Let ya know how it goes 8)
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Re: Ribs Question

Hey Tommy,

You have to trust your butcher. :D

I've been having problems finding ribs the size I like also.

Think maybe we are feed the pigs steroids like we do the chickens :x

Let us know how they turn out.
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Re: Ribs Question

Hey Cajun :D
Like they say.....Pork Fat Rules!!!!! wink.gif
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