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New To SMF

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Howdy Folks,

Got a GOSM 34 inch smoker yesterday. Read this forum 'till about 11 PM last evening. Have to say that there is a lot of info here.


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Re: New To SMF

Welcome to the Forum,

I'm sure you'll find this website as helpful as I have. As a new smoker myself I know how much the information helps, The first time I used my smoker I thought the food was great but after learning some tricks it just gets better with every smoke.

I noticed your from new york, I'm just wondering if you were planning to keep smoking during the winter. Being from DE we get pretty cold winters as well. I've heard that the cold makes maintaining the right temps difficult, but I'm planning on making some sort insulation jacket to help with that and conserve fuel. I guess this is really for another discussion group.

Anyway Welcome!
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Meowey, Welcome to SMF from another GOSM user. As you have already noticed, we are very user friendly- We have lots of good info and great folks here that will help you be successful. Check out tulsajeffs' 5-day eCourse, there is a lot of useful information there that will help be more knowledgeable.

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Welcome, to the group. ask yourwuestions, and you will get answers, read the previous posts to get new ideas, and sharethe knowledge you learn here.
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