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First Cook

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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum for contributing to a successful first cook. Spent a lot of time here gathering knowledge and advise before attempting my first smoke and I wanted to let you know it was time well spent. Did 2 "yard birds" and a mess a ribs ..... family couldn't stop raving about how good they were. The birds were brined for about 8 hours and basted with apple juice every hour once they were in the cooker. 3-2-1 method was fantastic for the ribs (although I did cut the time down a bit as they were baby backs). Everything done on my GOSM with a hickory smoke at 225-250 (see attached photos). Thanks again everyone .....

Vancouver, Canada
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Re: First Cook

Hiya, Ron!

Welcome aboard! Always nice to have a lurker come forward with a success story like yours! It is obvious that I do not have to include a "schpeel" about the forum. You seem to already have made excellent use!

Got to get a paper towel and wipe off the monitor! Man those pics are nice!

Hang out with us and please share more of your successes as well as your flops! I am sure now that you are out in the open that you will rapidly make friends and become a part of the family!

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Re: First Cook

Today makes 4 straight days of eating BBQ and your pictures still made me drool on my keyboard. :D

Got to check into moisture insurance for my puter :oops:
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Congrats Ron! Looks great. Looks like you did better than I on your first smoke.

C-ya around forum ....
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Ron congrats on your 1st cook. hope your sucess keeps you in the game. What are you going to cook next time?

Your ribs are fantastic looking, the chickens deserve a toast, so I will go grab a cold one i their honor.
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Hey Gary, while you're up .....

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Congrats on your first smoke...Everything sure looks great...Really like those chickens...Good job

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Welcome to SMF, Ron. It looks like your 'lurking' paid off, those birds and ribs look great.
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Re: First Cook

them ribs do look good. i may have to make me some soon after i work on the list i have already started, i think they would be around 8th on the list now

by the way what kind of beer was that. i dont recognize the can or font.
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Re: First Cook

Hey Buzzard, sorry, been away on Vaca for a while. The beer is good old Labatts Blue. One thing we Canadians do know how to do is make beer ....
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