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Re: My Little Lang

That ain't no garage .... that's a toybox! :D
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Re: My Little Lang

Cooking a little brisket this morning and took a couple of pics. The first is one of my little helpers, and the second is my brand new freebie tent my FIL donated to the cause. His company sent it to him, but it had a broken corner bracket. For $11, it is fixed, and I have this beauty taking its maden voyage! :)
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Noah, that is another great score. Bet it is nice, to sit in the shade and sip on a cold one, while the brisket is getting filled with sweet blue.
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Sweet looking little helper you got there Noah, and nice score on the pop up shelter too. I know I'd be lost with out mine. BTW, did the FIL throw in a pair of golf shoes too?? :D :P
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Yeah, he helps with the shoes, as if we wear anything else, he accuses us of hurting his bottom line. Nikes don't put food on the table! ;)
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Re: My Little Lang

Hey Noah, this is what I call FootJoy.

Now that is the correct way to wear a pair of shoes in the South. :D
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Hey Noah!
Looks like to me that you definitely have your chit together. Great smoker, outstanding toys and the finest help that can be had at any price. What a sweet heart! And by the way, I really like CS's approach to things. I think he probably has it together as well. (Keeps her focused on the small ........) right on, right on, right on. Got to keep that focus. Keeps them out of the other stuff.

I'm thinking of an overnighter. I spotted some fine briskets today and I'm seriously considering a weekend with the smoker ... that's just so peaceful.... a few cold ones, the smell of hickory smoke, cool air, good music, mmmmm. By the way, not trying to change the thread but what are your thoughts of a packer brisket vs the flat. I'm thinking of the flat in terms of less fat, even cooking time easier to handle .... what say ye??
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Yeah, to this day I'm not a big fan. I didn't see real snow until I was 8 years old, and my parents' friends flipped when I ran out in my bare feet! Them damn yankees can get really excited about the littlest things!;)
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Florida Bill,
You snuck this post in while I was responding to CS's notes about shoes. Man you're quick!:) As for doing things small, that is where my heart really is, but everytime I cook things just get bigger and bigger. My little side hobby now is pretty much an obsession. :shock: As for the briskets, I really prefer the flats as they slice really nice and they have a lot less fat. You sacrifice some flavor, but you get healthier cuts of meat. (If Q could ever be called healthy!) However, we are doing a packer for our competition adventure this weekend so that we can have a wider range of cuts for presentation. If we are lucky, CS has threatened to show up to give up some of his expertise!;)
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Re: My Little Lang


Unfortunately, my 18 year old college junior son has decided to move this weekend. He was supposed to be my traveling partner and now I'm his moving partner. :cry:

Sorry I can't be there, but I will be pulling for the Nauti-Q all the way 8)

PS - I know you got it under control anyway :D
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Noah, which smoker are you taking to the competitin? The "Little" lang, or the BSKD?

Good luck and remember to have fun, fun fist, bt walk across that stage.
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Taking the Lang and the Weber kettle for the chicken. The Lang should be all I need for everything else.
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Taking the Lang and the Weber kettle for the chicken. The Lang should be all I need for everything else.
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Just though I would renew this thread, as it has some pics of last year's turkey day pics. This year I'm screwed because we are going to the in-laws...
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Shooter little lang

biggrin.gif Just took delivery of my lang and will season this weekend

Attachment 7790 put this bad boy icon_arrow.gifAttachment 7791
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SHOW OFF, No really thats a great peice of equipment. wish I had one
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Raising and lowering

Can you explain that a little further? (heat distribution by raising and lowering the hitch end) I am real happy with my 60's even heat and have always cooked with it on the level, but I think you are saying you can make one end hotter or cooler by cranking the unit out of level???

Another question for ya:-)-----I have never used the baffle for a water pan because I haven't felt I needed too given the juicyness of my cooks, but if you have.........what is the types(examples) of cooks that you do with water in the baffle?? Still get Bark?

Thanks in advance:-)

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