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My first Pulled Pork butt

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Hi everyone been a while sincd i been on. Hi to all and hope everyone is doing fine. Kids graduating and going to college takes a lot out of you and the band id playing gigs now. Played at a Smoking meat jublie the 3rd had a great time. Anty way as always I need some input on my present endevour. So here goes.

This is my first try at puuled pork butt. I have it own now as we speak. Temputure on smoker are at 225 - 250. My thermoeter is hi on the smoker so i think its hotter at meat level. I put my own rub on it and got the temp up and steady and put the pork butt on. Half way through i will put the chickens on 2 of them 1/2ed. I am thinking with these temps it should be about 12-16 hours then to the cooler for a couple hours. I need all the input and expertise you all have given me from the time I joined this forum. I'll have pics also doing some brauts and hambugers. Amny help would be greatly appreicated.

Smoking jake
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The pork buttd are 4.30 lbs a piece wondering how long should i smike them, before i put them in the cooler?


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Re: My first Pulled Pork butt

it usually takes about 7 - 8 hours for a butt if your at about 225 and the butt is of average size.

I don't really know weights as much as looks. If it looks like a big butt it may take about 8-9 hours, if it looks like a normal size it may take 7-8. if it's small it takes about 6-7.

If you can easily twist the bone out, ITS DONE.
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Re: My first Pulled Pork butt

Hi eveyone.
I have pork shoulder downstairs waiting for me to smoke.
Question.... Can I brine it first or should I just do a dry rub and then smoke it.
Should I trim off the fat and the skin.

any suggestions????
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Re: My first Pulled Pork butt

Hey Gremlin. It's monday and I'll bet your shoulder is already eat'en.. I use a rub on my shoulder and spray it with apple juice when I add charcoal to the fire box. I leave the fat on as well as the skin and cook it fat/skin side own and have had excelent results. I posted pics in the pork section under "Weekend BBQ" or something like that.. I have many more pics to upload when I figure out how to upload them from photo bucket ..

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Chris, When I do the picnic portion I just apply a rub to the skinned portion of the shoulder and leave the skin intact. As it smokes, the skin will harden turning into pork rind-I find it easier to remove while it is still slightly hot to the touch. You can cut through the rind with a good pair of kitchen shears. I just add some of the rub to the meat as I'm pulling it to make up for the rub I didn't put on the skin. If you want to remove the skin before smoking it you can; it all about personal preference. If you want to brine it, I would definitely remove the skin first.
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good Morning Earl and Joe..
No it's not eaten yet LOL It's on the smoker right now..I been busy in the kitchen makin some special hot sauce and keepin one eye on that shoulder.
Ohhh Yeahhh!! gotta get back to it.
Thanks again
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Re: My first Pulled Pork butt

Not sure if your interested but i wasnt up for an all nighter so tried something different and it worked awesome, if your interested check out my post form earlier today. Take Care
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