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Pulled Pork

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I need some advice for my first attempt at pulled pork shoulder. So if anyone wants to give me some advice I would be greatful.

P.S. Check out my first Jerky smoke in Roll Call. It came out great. Best Jerky I ever tasted and I'm known for my jerky.

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There are some great posts on Pulled Pork in the pork forum that you should take a look at to get ideas about rubs and sauces. Some basic tips I'll pass on though are these; Be prepared for a long smoke, depending on the size of the shoulder that you get it could take up to 22 hours to get to temp (well worth the wait though). It's a great cut for beginers as it's very forgiving. Just put on a good rub, let it come up to about 190*, rest it before pulling, then top it all off with a good finishing sauce(try SoFlaQuer's recipe for this) and you'll have success. Good Luck.
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Thanks Lady J. i have had some before from a friend of mine that I worked with and if it comes out that good it will be worth the wait.

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